Official Cancellation of Live Showcase
Due to recent health and safety decisions made in the city of Philadelphia, we are, at this time, able to officially announce that we are cancelling our live Showcase 2021 event originally scheduled to take place in Philly in January 2021. As with the many before us, we are saddened to miss our first live event in many decades, however given the ongoing global pandemic response, we will play our part in ensuring everyone's safety and wellbeing. We have been steadily working on our on-line platform, Showcase in Place and are very happy to provide more information about that at this time. We hope to learn and grow through this online experience and opportunity and look forward to bringing positive changes forward when we return to a live Showcase experience.
Boomer Stacey, IPAY Executive Director
Thursday, October 1 - Sunday November 15, 2020

The first and longest Showcase in Place Theme is this year's Official Selection! The program will run for 6 weeks from October 1 through November 15, with registration opening on September 15. Official Selection will include 15 Showcases and 15 Show & Tell Spotlights that have been rigorously adjudicated by the IPAY Selection Committee. 30 outstanding productions have been selected from 13 different countries, representing a wide spectrum of genres and intended age ranges. Supporting Kindling programming, our Virtual Marketplace, and conversations with IPAY's CultureCrew will accompany this robust online program.

High quality videos will be available for streaming for all registrants FOR ALL 6 WEEKS. See the Official Selection of Showcase below, and stay tuned as we release the 15 Show & Tell Spotlights next week!


IPAY is accepting themed submissions for Showcase in Place Themes 2 & 3, with the goal offering Showcase opportunities to smaller performance companies or companies that have never submitted to Showcase before.
You can add on a Themed Submission to your SiP Registration order for the low cost of $50 ($35 for IPAY Members).

Open Calls and Registration go live on September 15.

There will not be a Selection Committee for SiP Themed Submissions. All work submitted that meets the criteria below will be accepted and promoted for the duration of each SiP Theme. A diverse roster of Guest Curators will be invited to share their own Noteworthy and Recommended lists for each SiP offering a fresh perspective on how work is promoted and an open platform to share as much work as we can.

Do you have a production that fits into one of these themes?
IRL: In Real Life
Monday, November 23 - Sunday, December 20
IRL will take a look at performing arts for young folks that actually serves their needs and that is relevant to the world they live in. As the revolutions across the world continue, it has never been more necessary to take a look at and decenter whiteness in the PYA sector. It is imperative we create more space for BIPOC* and LGBTQIA+ performance work. A recent study in California showed 71% of young people under the age of 18 identify as queer and 27% identified as non-binary or not aligning with the gender they were assigned at birth. Where is the work that tells these stories and supports artists from these communities IN REAL LIFE? IRL will focus the spotlight on productions for young audiences that serve this mandate.

Every young person deserves to see themselves on stage.

*BIPOC- Black, Indigenous, People of Color
*LGBTQIA+- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Asexual/Aromantic, and the other queer identities that exist under this umbrella
Monday, January 4 - Sunday, January 31
A superbloom is defined as "a rare desert botanical phenomenon in which an unusually high proportion of wildflowers whose seeds have lain dormant in desert soil germinate and blossom at roughly the same time".

After a severe and extensive drought, a SuperBloom of flowers appear as the drought is washed away. We’re not sure when the “pandemic drought” will be washed away, but we are confident that a SuperBloom of new creation will flourish when it does. This SiP Theme focuses on innovation, new creation, digital and on-line offerings and any other new ideas coming out of this COVID world. This theme will include opportunities for pitches on new creation.
Registration Rates can be found on our new SiP website here!
Registration will launch to the public on September 15, 2020!
An Update on SiP Subsidies!
In creating SiP, we've looked into every avenue to make the ticket price as affordable as we could during this time of economic hardship in the International Arts Community. We will be offering a subsidy where folx with funds to spare can contribute and folx in need can apply to receive a paid for SiP ticket. More info on this coming in the next few weeks.
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