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Thank you to the Philadelphia Cultural Fund!

IPAY is honored to have been awarded $5,410 from PCF this year to support our work with CultureCrew.

We are so grateful for the support of local arts organizations in Philadelphia and we encourage you to continue to support and promote the local arts organizations in your area! Community Care is vital as we all continue to look at the structures of our companies and organizations.
Click HERE for more information on what you can do to help protect The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and serve future artists and creatives in Philadelphia.
CultureCrew Summer 2020
This week IPAY launched our CultureCrew Summer Session.

With CultureCrew, IPAY has begun the process of bringing young voices into our programming. After a successful pilot in 2019, IPAY CultureCrew is back this summer and we are offering 8 teens paid positions working with IPAY. T he members of CultureCrew will be deciding how they want to engage with the works selected for Showcase 2021. This engagement could involve interviews with artists, youth programming around their favorite pieces, a CultureCrew Awards Ceremony, or something entirely new! We are so excited to see where this program leads as we work to give young voices more power at IPAY.
This week we had our first meeting with the CultureCrew Ambassadors and we launched our application for CultureCrew 2020 Summer Session Members!
Montreal Completement Cirque Presents:
The International Market of Contemporary Circus will launch with 4 days of activities July 6-9th. This program will include online pitch sessions, networking activities, workshops, panels, and working group meetings.
Click above to learn more about the program and sign up for a free membership!
A note on our New Resource Section!
Hello! Bailey Roper here, the Engagement Associate at IPAY. As the head of IPAY Communications and maker of the weekly newsletter, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the new resource section. As we continue to support the movement in defense of Black Lives, I hope that this section of our newsletter can serve as a small way for the IPAY community to practice anti-racism together. I will offer specific weekly suggestions in each newsletter for what you can do this week to combat anti-Blackness. Every resource I offer is something that I, as a white person in Philadelphia, have found helpful.

You can also visit the Resources Page on our website for updated tool kits and other readily available resources to support Black Lives.

The fight for justice for Black Lives is not just a moment, it is a movement. We must not lose steam. I hope you find this section helpful as we all work to implement sustainable, long-term ways to challenge our own internalized racism.

-Bailey Roper, IPAY Engagement Associate
This Weeks Thoughts and Resources
This week I encourage you to sign the petition for Justice for Elijah McClain and donate any funds you are able to his gofundme, both linked below.
As of today the petition to demand a further investigation and have the officers who murdered Elijah McClain taken off duty has not yet reached its goal and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign.
When engaging in social justice work, I've found this graphic above incredibly helpful to return to. Creator of this graphic, @malefragility on instagram, writes, "If you're leaning too far in one direction, try the other". I've found it helpful to remind myself that as a white person I am going to mess up but that cannot stop me from continuing to challenge my own biases and fight for the lives of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

If on your personal journey to fight anti-racism you find resources or graphics you'd like me to share, or have thoughts on anything I've shared please feel free to email me at bailey@ipayweb.org! I'd love to hear from you.
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