Showcase 2019 Victor Award 2nd Runner Up, Manual Cinema, The Magic City

We are pleased to announce that 2020 Artist Applications are now available on Be sure to navigate to our website to find valuable application information such as Guidelines, FAQ's, criteria of the selection process, and other helpful notes about the Showcase Application process.

Every year, we strive to connect with individuals and organizations making performances for young people and families that  is fresh, innovative, relevant,  reflective of our communities, and ready to tour. As we continue to expand our network of artists, we encourage you to share our Call for Applications widely and generously! Word of mouth is the best publicity, so please tell anyone you think would benefit about this opportunity to reach the North American and international touring market.

Apply Now! Discounts available for Members and Early Bird Applications

2020 Showcase Selection Timeline

 February 7 
 Applications Open on
 March 22  Online Information Session (1pm-2:30pm EST)
 March 22   Selection Committee Member Application Deadline
 March 28  Early Bird Application Deadline
 April 16  Online Information Session (6pm-7:30pm EST)
 May 2  Final Application Deadline
 June 17 - 19  Selection Meeting in Philadelphia
 July 2019  Showcase Selection Invitations
 August - September 2019  Show & Tell Spotlight Selection Invitations
 January 21 - 25, 2020  2020 Showcase in Philadelphia

Family and student audiences attend Showcase in Philadelphia
Images by Wide Eyed Studios

Interested in becoming part of the artistic Selection process?

We invite you to apply by returning the APPLICATION FORM by March 22! 

The Selection process developed by IPAY, while subjective, is founded on a desire to create an equitable balance for the showcasing and presentation of professional programming for young audiences that reflects the needs of presenters, agents, artists and educators. Through an extensive three-day review process, the IPAY Selection Committee, comprised of leaders in the field of family programming, creates a programming balance of arts disciplines reflecting diversity in age range, performing arts genres, trends, and audience draw-with a common denominator of high artistic standards. Shaping a forum for the range of national and international work that is being created in this field at the time and focusing on quality work that is appropriate for a variety of venues and markets, is crucial.

  • The members of the committee meet face to face in Philadelphia for three days in June to review more than 100-150 applications in all genres of performing arts for young people.
  • Prior to meeting in June, each Committee member is responsible to review between ten and twenty full length video submissions.
  • Attendance is in person and requires that either you or your organization assume overall responsibility for your travel, accommodations and out of pocket expenses.
  • The Committee is responsible to select a short list of recommended productions through open dialogue, following an established guideline of criteria. 
  • Following the selection process in June, Selection Committee members may be asked to provide feedback, if requested, to applicants based on the discussions and notes.
Selection Committee members typically serve one three-year term, eligible for a second three-year term. The committee is comprised of up to fifteen individuals. IPAY is committed to increasing and improving all aspects of equity, diversity and inclusion and actively works to ensure that a diverse range of perspective (including genre, geographic, job responsibility area, cultural, etc) is represented on the Selection Committee.  
  • Be available to attend Selection Committee meetings in person, with adequate time for review of videos prior to June Meeting
  • Assume financial responsibility for all aspects of traveling to and attending meetings
  • On an ongoing yearly basis, see a diverse range of live performing arts for young people
  • Have some degree of expertise in the professional performing arts sector. It is of benefit to have expertise in genre or field specific areas
Return Application Form, resume and any letters of support attention to IPAY Executive Director, Boomer Stacey at
If you have any questions in regards to serving on the Committee, the Selection process or IPAY, please contact IPAY Executive Director, Boomer Stacey at or Selection Committee Chair, Rebecca Podsednik, at

2019 Showcase Selection Committee with IPAY Staff in Philadelphia

Warmest wishes from the whole IPAY Staff and Board of Directors!

Showcase 2019 photos by Kate Raines
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