Newest Versions of the Most Popular IPC Standards
NOW Available
At the end of October the newest versions of the electronic assembly industry’s two largest standards-IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 became available. The “H” versions are immediately available in an electronic format with pre-orders being accepted for the printed versions due out in a few weeks.

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What's in the New Versions?
The latest version of the J-STD-001, revision “H”, features several significant changes. One of the most significant changes rolled into this version of the electronic assembly standard for printed wiring boards is the newest cleaning standard. This revision changed the cleaning and residue requirements eliminating ROSE testing for qualification of new processes and assemblies.

Another significant change is the addition of a solder joint x-ray inspection standard found in the appendix. Wrapped terminal standards have also been modified in the “H” version. These changes are some of the most noteworthy but are by no means exhaustive when it comes to the standard changes.

The companion document to the J-STD-001, the IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic assemblies also has seen some major changes. This QC inspection standard has the target conditions removed in the document. This changes coincides with the elimination of the same condition which was taken out of the IPC-A-620 wire and cable harness standard in order to eliminate user confusion. Another large change is the moving of the ESD section to the appendix from the body of the standard. Like the J-STD-001 wrapped terminal criteria changes were also made. The jumper wire section was consolidated into a single section making it more useable. Finally, the wire harness and cable portions were moved out of the standard as they were seen as not being pertinent to electronic assembly criteria. Thee above changes were made along with several other updates in the new revision of the IPC-A-610. Watch for our webinar explaining the changes.
When will Training Course be Available for
IPC-A-610H and J-STD-001H?
The training courses for the “H” version of these standards will have the materials available for them in 6-9 months. As soon as we begin scheduling classes for this newest revision, we will let our customer base know.

AS a reminder if you currently have a valid certification in either the IPC-A610 or the J-STD-001 your certification will continue to be valid even with a change in the revision level of the document. The next time your certification becomes due you will have a choice to either challenge test to the “G” version or you can take the recertification course in which the changes to the specification will be amplified. Call JL at 847-797-9250 or contact him at in order to find out more information.
Happy Thanksgiving from Dan Patten
Even during this pandemic the momentum of updating the electronic industry specifications has not ceased. Recently the IPC version “H” for the two most widely-used standards-the IPC-A-610 and the J-STD-001 were updated. For ordering your copy visit

Thanksgiving in the middle of a pandemic will be interesting for many families -ours included. I have reports from family and friends that people are staying local with some doing meal exchanges. Each family preps one or more parts of the “sides” for turkey day and then drops off the “sides” at their friends homes. However you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, enjoy your family meal-whether in person or virtually.

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