June 8, 2021
Industry News
Partnership Births Garage-roof Vertiports for Air Taxis
A partnership between REEF, air taxi developer Joby Aviation, and developer Neighborhood Property Group will result in vertiports for air taxi landings on garage rooftops in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Fransisco—for now. Joby also plans to use existing airports and helipads for its air taxi network, but the garages give access in cities, which is critical to launching the system. 
Micro-mobility Prepares for a Takeoff
COVID-19 did a number on transportation, including micro-mobility, but the industry is more than optimistic and ready for a restart. One company’s preparing to go public, using scooters for longer rides is trending, and some cities are seeing shortages of shared, small vehicles. The future is bright and the landscape is changing.
MIS Keynote: Building the Multi-use Bagley Parking Hub
Register for the IPMI Mobility & Innovation Summit, June 29-30. Join us for a great program of events, including opening keynote speaker Jela Ellefson, Urban Planner, Ford Motor Company. Jela will discuss the Bagley Parking Hub project in Detroit, incorporating 1,500 planned parking spaces and a host of innovative amenities and mobility features.
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