IPMI's Professional Development Newsletter August 2020
A COVID Safety Campaign With Smiling Undertones
How do you make wearing a mask fun? With some hip music, a little swagger and an only-in-Miami attitude. That’s how the Masks On Miami campaign puts a smile on an otherwise hard situation. Aimed at keeping people safe by encouraging them to wear masks, this initiative was rolled out by the Miami Downtown Development Authority with the support of the Miami Parking Authority’s enforcement officers. With their contagious positive attitudes, the officers starred in this video before hitting the streets to help brand the campaign and encourage the public to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Watch the video here–we dare you not to smile! Read more.
Thursday, August 20, 2020 at 2 pm ET
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A Fireside Chat on Industry Inclusion

Join IPMI and our distinguished panel for a candid and authentic conversation about inclusion in our industry. The panel will share their expertise and personal experiences as professionals and leaders in our community. They will tackle topics such as equity and systemic racism and how we can foster improvement in our industry. Pre-registration required; sign up here!
Free Frontline Fundamentals Training Starts September 1
IPMI is launching Frontline Fundamental trainings on Tuesdays through December. This series was created with your frontline team in mind! It kicks off with Maintaining Motivation in Times of Uncertainty and Change, presented by Julius Rhodes, SPHR.

Registration is FREE for members, $35 for non-members.
CAPP Corner: Remote Testing & Welcoming our Newest CAPPs
We are back!  After being closed without the opportunity to test for CAPP for the past few months, we welcome CAPP Candidates options to take the exam in person at a Prometric site near you, or with a remote proctor right from your office or home.

We are also thrilled to welcome our new CAPPS:

  • Michael Maromaty, CAPP, Dane County Regional Airport
  • Melissa Morgan, CAPP, T2 Systems
  • Patrick Ward, CAPP, Borough of State College, Pa.
Fun Facts

Marie Curie's notebooks are still radioactive and will be for another 1500 years! Read all about it here!
Did You Know?

Crafting an exceptional resume these days has the added challenge of attracting not only hiring managers but the software bots doing their upfront work. Read more about the 13 steps to creating an exceptional resume.
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