IPMI's Professional Development Newsletter: December 2020
It is Always Time to Innovate
I would bet we have all heard the old proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention.” During times of crisis, like we are dealing with during COVID-19, humans tend to look for ways to simply survive (reducing expenses, stockpiling food, minimizing travel/exposure, keeping loved ones close) or ways to invent and innovate. The last time the world experienced a crisis of this scale was during World War II, when, out of necessity and survival, several key advances in human development and technology occurred: Radar, nuclear power, wireless communications, jet engines, the Jeep, duct tape, synthetic rubber, rocket engines, mass production of Penicillin, pressurized aircraft cabins, and computers. We take these developments for granted today, but the necessity to innovate sped them along. Read more.
Video Series: If Planning is an Art, Implementation is a Dance
Vanessa Solesbee, CAPP, parking and transit manager for the City of Estes Park, Colo. discusses common struggles facing those who have been tasked with leading planning efforts and specifically how to successfully implement such a plan. Vanessa addresses strategies to help manage project implementation including thinking about implementation from the beginning of project planning, being reasonable and strategic regarding project goals, and defining and engaging your team early. PLAY.
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Fun Facts

Thomas Edison was responsible for the first Christmas light display. Edison laid eight miles of underground wire to power strings of lights around the outside of his New Jersey laboratory.

Train commuters traveling between New York and Philadelphia were so amazed by the glowing fields that one reporter labeled Edison "the Enchanter" and described the spectacle as "a fairy-land of lights."
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