IPMI's Professional Development Newsletter: April 2021
Letting Go of the Status Quo: Rethinking Management
COVID-19 has not only accelerated the trend to more flexible schedules and virtual work, but is also pushing organizations to rethink the purpose of the office. And with that comes the necessity for us to evaluate our management practices and approaches. Too often, we do things because that is the way they have always been done. To manage effectively, we need to question old
habits and reevaluate the status quo. Read more.
Sue Thompson, founder of Thompson Parking & Mobility Consultants, discusses how organizations can start to lay the groundwork for a successful recovery following COVID-19. She discusses ways to enhance the customer experience including upgrading technology, conducting a condition assessment, improving signage and lighting, and more. PLAY.
Register for the IPMI online, instructor-led course, Wicked Problem-Solving. This two-day course will take place May 11 and 13, and spots are limited!

The easy problems are solved, the ones left for executives are wicked. So how can we take our leadership skills to the next level to solve our own “wicked” problems in our organizations, and beyond? Tackle them in this one-of-a-kind course.
CAPP Corner: Join Us for CAPP Chat!
Do you have questions about CAPP? Do you want to better understand the requirements? In this question-and-answer session, bring your questions and/or just listen in. 

Join us on May 10th for a 30-minute CAPP Chat where we answer all of your questions.

Congratulations to our newest CAPPs:

  • Joshua Puckett, CAPP; East Carolina University
  • Michelle Wahl, CAPP; City of Bloomington
Spotlight: New IPMI Certificate Programs

  • Industry Operations: Planning, Tech, and Finance
  • Managing the Curb: On-Street Operations, Enhancing Mobility Options, and Urban Innovation
  • University Planning, Operations, and TDM 
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