IPMI's Professional Development Newsletter: October 2021
Making Fun a Part of the Parking Equation
When people think of parking, “fun” doesn’t usually come to mind. But it could--and it should. As parking managers, it’s easy to be dazzled by numbers. How many parkers do you see in a day? How long do they stay? How frequently do they return? How much do they pay? While these are all important metrics for measuring revenue, there’s more to parking management than black and white balance sheets. Parking can be fun, too--and that fun can boost both customer engagement and employee morale. Read more.
Brian Shaw, CAPP, executive director, Stanford Transportation, discusses a recent health scare and how this experience may help others avoid a similar event. He outlines his situation and provides numerous strategies and lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. PLAY.
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October 27 & November 17

Transportation demand in Washington DC was on the rise. The District needed to catch up with new forms of mobility and increase accessibility while ensuring the safety of its ridership. The Department of Transportation tapped DC’s Parking Enforcement and Management Administration to develop a Bike Lane Enforcement program to allow officers to issue bike lane violations more safely and efficiently, while meeting the road safety goals of Vision Zero.
The ticket by mail program allows for more efficient enforcement, while protecting officers from potential confrontations.
CAPP Corner
It’s CAPP Recertification time. Three years fly by! If you are looking for the one mandatory point for Program Type 4, there’s still time to write six, 200-word blogs before the end of your recertification cycle. 

If you still need to satisfy this point, please write your six blog posts and send them to Kathleen Federici by November 15, 2021.
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