IPMI's Professional Development Newsletter: March 2021
Maria Versus Mother Nature
Why are fireplaces considered amenities for homes in Texas? Particularly in Houston where we spend 85 percent of the year sweltering in humidity and the remaining time is dedicated to wearing our boots, coats, and gloves even if it’s just a barely chilly 70 degrees (OK, maybe that’s just me). In Houston, when it rains, it pours. But when it snows, it just shuts everything down. Sleet or icy roads mean a no-school/workday. But when an arctic storm blasts temperatures to the teens, blowing out water pipes and knocking out the electric grid, we have a shutdown that is unimaginable—this from the city that survived an epic 500-year flood in Hurricane Harvey. Read more.
Ana Hengist, IPMI Training Specialist for South America and Mexico, shares her three principles to help individuals move past frustrations and get back to a normal life following the COVID-19 crisis. She encourages us to find the things that inspire us, motivate us, and bring joy. Ana highlights the basic principles to accomplish this, including self-care, emotional independence, and continuous learning. PLAY.
Stay tuned for new webinars coming from the Education Development Committee! We are currently creating three recorded webinars that will be available exclusively for IPMI members. Topics include parklets, scheduled maintenance plans, and business model resilience. The first recorded webinar will be available in April! In the meantime, check out our upcoming live webinars.
CAPP Corner
Prometric, the testing vendor for the CAPP Exam, is up and running with 97 percent of its physical sites open. Candidates can take the exam either by remote proctoring or going to a testing site.

Check out the prometric.com site status at test centers across the country. Prometric continues to utilize the safety plan and enhanced test center policies developed with Johns Hopkins and other experts to ensure the safest test center experience.

Congratulations to our newest CAPPs:

  • Mark Zandonella, CAPP; Oregon State University
  • Heather Matthews, CAPP; ZipBy
Fun Facts

Every year, March and June finish on the same day of the week.
Did You Know?

Office spring cleaning can help improve your performance at work and your reputation with your colleagues. According to a survey by staffing firm Adecco, 57 percent of Americans admit to judging their coworkers based on how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces. Read more here.
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