IPMI's Professional Development Newsletter: January 2021
Are You Good at Managing Change?
If there’s one thing we have all done a lot of during the past year, it’s change. The pandemic has required that we find new ways to complete our work, connect with people, and serve customers, just to name a few. As we start to shift our thinking to returning to some sort of normalcy later this year, more change will be needed because the new normal is sure to look different than life before COVID. Taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach to managing change is a valuable skill for any leader. Follow this four-phase process to help employees adapt. Read more.
Gary Means, CAPP, executive director of Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority and IPMI Board member extends a personal invitation to industry professionals from all backgrounds to the 2021 IPMI Mobility & Innovation Summit, February 24-25, 2021. PLAY.
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CAPP Corner
Congratulations to Ron Fuller, CAPP on publishing his first book, a lighthearted compilation of short stories entitled Grown and Gone, But Not Forgotten: Tales of Growing Up In Central Florida. 

Also congratulations to our newest CAPPs!

  • Cynthia Lang, CAPP; JASINT Consulting and Technologies
  • Michael Stumbaugh, CAPP; University of Virginia
  • Derrick Walker, CAPP; Cobb County
Fun Facts

Dr. Martin Luther King was a fan of Star Trek. Watch the 12-minute story on how he changed the trajectory of the show. It’s worth the watch! 
Did You Know?

IPMI is offering new certificate programs created around specific topics our members need now.  Earn three CAPP points and receive a Certificate of Completion in one of three critical areas of expertise. Complete all three courses within six months of the date of purchase to receive your certificate. Purchase one certificate program for $49, or all three for $125.
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