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WEBINAR - Fee Schedule Training
Wednesday, April 7th @ 1pm MDT, RSVP not required!
Join the IPN webinar to watch step-by-step instructions on using the updated Fee Schedule Calculator and Conversion Factors for determining IPN allowances.

Zoom Link Meeting ID: 995 1446 8002 Passcode 244977
The Department of Health and Welfare is offering grants to providers working in local communities to support COVID-19 vaccine administration. Read more here.

Demographic updates should be sent directly to IPN via a Provider Information form (PIF). Changes not sent through IPN will cause a delay in reporting to IPN participating payors. The PIF can be found on IPN's website:

IPN provides run-out repricing for some terminated groups. Click here to see a list of those groups.

For additional information about the terminated groups, contact the payor listed on the patient's ID card.

PacificSource Communication Updates

PacificSource recently released FAQs related to their COVID Benefit and Reimbursement Policies: Benefit and Reimbursement Policy.

General Information
For news, tools, and key resources, visit providers/medical.

Cigna Communication Updates

Anesthesia Time Unit Reimbursement
Consistent with industry standards for anesthesia reimbursement, Cigna's calculation of anesthesia time units will change. Beginning May 1, 2021, reimbursement will be based on actual time billed, rounded to the nearest tenth of a fifteen-minute unit. Therefore, providers may experience a change in their reimbursement for covered services based on this update. Please note this change does not affect a provider’s contracted rate for these services.

More information will be listed on Cigna's website: under Resources>Clinical Reimbursement Policies and Payment, in the First Quarter 2021 Network News and in the newest

Care Integration Services
For claims submitted on and after January 17, 2021, Cigna will begin to reimburse care integration services billed for the following Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes:

•   CPT codes 99495 and 99496: Transitional care management services
•   CPT codes 99497 and 99498: Advance care planning
•   HCPCS codes S0353 and S0354: Oncology care planning

Read more under Cigna's Resources: Care Integration Services Reimbursement Policy (R32)

For information about Cigna's interim billing guidelines and FAQs, click here.
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