Dear IPNIG Member,


At our combined OHNIG and IPNIG Annual General Meeting AGM November 29, 2014, we learned from the presentation by a dynamic Public Relations team, three concurrent steps HOW TO DO - Public Awareness Campaign (IPNIG AGM Minutes Nov2014).


The thirty attendees agreed to a decisive public communication strategic plan for 2015-2016. By joining interest groups we doubled our strength and saved costs. We will also ask other Independent Practice Nurses interest groups to join our public awareness campaign.



Use the Newspaper Media to publish anecdotal stories of heartfelt successes of Independent Practice Nurses health care for their clients in the community. As well use Social Media, i.e., Twitter to continuously show "quick" highlights of Independent Practice Nurses health care that promotes a true wellness health care system in all communities.


We ask members to send their nursing story to publish. We've arranged again to publish articles for National Nursing Week May 11 to May 17 "Nurses: With you every step of the way". See last year's articles (IPNIG)


Seek public functions and trade shows to register as an exhibitor. Go one step further and offer at the trade show a free "Nurse Talk." Highlight your particular community nursing health care practice as an Independent Practice Nurse. We'll even help you script your story!

You do your "Nurse Talk" to an audience of exhibition attendees while your colleagues exhibit using our interest group's 10' x 10' exhibit booth with display board, posters and banners.

If you are willing to do a "nurse talk", email 




Create a Speakers Bureau. Take the show on the road! Contact public events that would feature "Health Talks!" Educate the public on the "New 20th Century" nursing services available to meet all their health care needs.

Anyone interested in hosting an event in your community featuring an Independent Practice Nurse Speaker, please email

After our morning AGM, the 30 member attendees participated in an afternoon brain storming session! At the AGM we learned HOW TO educate the public with an awareness campaign on the diversity of Independent Practice Nursing.

Now we explored the MEANS to strengthen recognition, seek equity and acceptance and prove that;


Independent Practice Nurses ARE the difference!

Strategic initiatives to engage ALL independent Practice Nurse were discussed. Research data proves that 40% to 50% of Ontario/Canadian Registered Nurses work in independent practice. Amazing!

Our first goal is to survey ALL Independent Practice Nurses to consider joining together in an association for:
  1. Collaboration on unifying the huge number of diverse independent practice nurses under a single cohesive umbrella association with sub groups of each nurse specialty.
  2. Strive to change current health care in the community to a Health Care Wellness System as opposed to a Sickness Care System.
  3. Strengthen public recognition to broader Primary Health Care PHC Delivery System (click here) that meet everyone's health care needs for all levels of care, i.e., chronic and ongoing conditions.
Read the Canadian Nurse Association Journal [Jan 2015] "Looking at the Whole Picture - health and social services can work together to improve people's lives and contain health care costs" ... learn more 

Please complete the answers to this quick on-line survey and let us know what you think of this collaborative effort for Independent Practice Nurses.

We need you to share this eblast message with all independent Practice Nurses. Help spread the word!  Be sure to ask them to email to register their names.

Also read these very important independent practice nurses activities in progress.

Occupational Health Nurses are participating in the Alberta National Occupational Health Nurse Salary Survey. OHNIG members will receive details in an announcement this week.  On March 16 you will receive the Occupational Health Nurse National Salary Survey to complete.

Independent Practice Nurses strengthen your nursing scope of practice by using a recognized nursing Best Practice Nursing Standards template. See the "Tool Kit" ... more

Write your nursing scope of practice using 4 C's criteria: 
FOUR C's Credibility Competency Consistency Continuity - read more

Your Interest Group executive need more help and welcome your participation. Members are asked to consider helping the promotion and strengthening of the role of Independent Practices Nurses.

Email us your contact information and we'll call you,
On behalf of the OHNIG and IPNIG Executives

Jill King, OHNIG Chairperson
Ruth Ruttan, IPNIG Secretary /Treasurer