February 2017

Dear IPNIG Member,
Hope the New Year 2017 is off to a great start!
Please consider adding IPNIG to your 2017 nursing efforts? IPNIG has many activities in progress. Here is your up-to-date "Start of a New Year" Newsletter - November 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017.
IPNIG Members Input Needed
Your IPNIG leaders ask members to please support IPNIG "New Year" 2017 for Professional Practice Development and Public Education Campaign with your innovative nursing activities, views and input.

Several IPNIG Members attended the Annual General Meeting AGM webinar on November 19, 2016. For discussion purposes attendees were presented with 2016 research details, past "Year at a Glance" activities ... more

The AGM  member attendees decided our primary target goals for 2017 is to focus on Professional Practice Development Education resources for members. We decided to ask input from our members. Very soon members will be sent a Member's Needs Survey (March 1 to August 2017). The goal is to get IPNIG members to identify their particular nursing practice needs to deliver the highest quality professional nursing care based on Primary Health Care PHC model of health care delivery for all people in all places.

The second half of the year would be focused on targeting Public Education Campaign highlighting the identified diversity of nursing work that Registered Nurses in Independent Practice deliver.

The minutes detail our AGM member's discussions for our two-prong approach to meet the chosen Education End Goals for the upcoming 2017 year. Minutes IPNIG AGM, November 19, 2016

Member Voices Report to RNAO February 3, 2017

On February 3, IPNIG reported our past year's activities to RNAO and indicated two-prong Education Goals for 2017 - Professional Practice Development education resources for members and a second effort to educate the public to participate in new sustainable health care system Members' Voices, September 2016 to December 2016 ... more

"Reconnect Health Care to People Care?"
We ask current IPNIG members to reflect on the IPNIG past year's research and AGM members focus on professional practice recognition and then provide their perspectives on how their current nursing services can support this year's chosen theme, "Reconnect Health Care to People Care".
Our 2016 extensive research on Registered Nurses diversity of care enlightened us to ay new and innovative ways nurses are caring for people's health. Registered Nurses as client advocates assisting navigating the convoluted health care system to meet their client's needs.
The "New" expanded Registered Nurses scope of nursing practice deliver a broader modern health care to their clients. Our findings indicate a significant number of specially trained self-employed Registered Nurses providing primary health care services to fill the health care system "gaps!"
Consider sending your identified innovative specific services as self-employed Registered Nurses that effectively "Reconnect Health Care to People Care."
Again, as in the previous three years we'll post your stories to celebrate  International Nurses Day on Florence Nightingale's Birthday, May 12, 2017.

National Nursing Week!
May 8 to 14, 2017
"Reconnect Health Care to People Care"
The IPNIG Needs Members

Membership is dwindling! We need to network as a team to get more members. 
Without additional help, your Interest Group is limited!
Consider joining the Interest Group Leadership Team. Volunteer leaders can help with minimal time expectancy - Executive List. Read the guidelines for Volunteers on the IPNIG web site "Members Services". See Guidelines for Volunteers
Join the growing network of Registered Nurses Associations delivering a huge diversity of Health, Wellness, and Preventative services for consistent and continuous health care for all people in all communities.

Contact us and discuss how you can volunteer your help,  admin@ipnig.ca

Thank you to all IPNIG members for your support,

IPNIG Executive Team Leaders