Dear IPNIG Member,


IPNIG is participating in publishing an 8-page Nursing Magazine to celebrate,


National Nursing Week
May 11 to May 17, 2015 ... click here


Our goal is to educate the readers to the huge diversity of nursing services available in the community.


"Nurses With You Every Step of the Way" 

Where You Live, Work and Play


We need our IPNIG members to send anecdotal stories of heartfelt successes experienced by your client(s) from the specialized nursing care you provide. Send us your 650-word description of your client centred health care nursing service that prove,


"Independent Practice Nurses ARE  the Difference" 

Our publisher will select 10 best nursing stories to publish in the hard copy magazine. All stories received will be archived for future viewing on our Public Education website. You have the option of including your name and credits with your story or submitting your story anonymously. Let's work together to educate the public on evolving health care. Write your article and send today! 


Additionally, the magazine can be read on-line inclusive of Social Media continuously showing "quick" highlights. The Nursing Week magazine details the many ways Registered Nurses in Independent or intra-dependent work deliver client centred nursing care in the community.



IPNIG own the publication rights for distribution going forward with our pubic education campaign. The magazine will be sent to health care advocates, politicians, health critics and media as well as select groups, i.e., seniors, teachers and professionals who are retired. The magazine will be sent across Ontario to nursing colleges and to nursing leaders, i.e., CNA and provincial nurse leaders.

This is the beginning of our Public Education campaign agreed to at our November 29, 2014 AGM read more... click here


This is a Rally Call to all Nurses! 


Let's work together to educate the public on evolving health care. Write your article now.


Independent Practice Nurses specialized in nursing health care services navigate the health care system to deliver essential client centred health and wellness care in the your community.

Thank you in advance,

On behalf of our IPNIG Executive Leaders ... click here



Ruth Volpato, IPNIG Chairperson

Jill King, IPNIG Public Relations Communication