February 2018
Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild
President's Message
Good Morning IPPG!

A happy February to you all. You may have noticed things are starting to get cooking this past January and we expect that momentum to continue! Many of us had the pleasure of sharing some time and learning together in Nashville at Imaging USA and we are excited to share what we learned with those of you who were unable this year. If you didn't make it to Nashville, no worries! We are going to keep up the energy and have some wonderful learning, fellowship and fun all year long, starting with our first monthly meeting next week. I see a lot of you have already signed up and I expect we'll have quite a few more to kick off this year's programming. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time! Click HERE for a quick link. And if you forgot to renew your 2018 registration, you can do that first HERE !

As we continue to solidify our full year's programming, you can expect to get an email or a call from our membership team. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Our choices are always with you, our members, in mind, so please, if you have something on your mind, never be afraid to share during those membership communications or you are always welcome to contact me directly to talk and discuss your ideas and needs.

We can't wait to see you all this coming Tuesday!



Roben Bellomo, M.Ed., M.Photog., CPP
New Meeting Location!
As some of you may have heard, we have a new location for our monthly meetings. In 2018, we will have our meetings at The Library Restaurant and Pub, upstairs in their banquet room. We made this decision in response to some feedback we received from our members based on location and cost control. By choosing a location in the loop, this choice helps us to centralize our meetings as best as possible. Since we have members from all stretches of the state, it's certainly hard to find a location that is perfect for everyone, but we felt this location would be a great fit being more centrally located and conveniently close to a major highway. Another advantage this location provided was the option to order from a menu again. The Library has offered us a special, shortened menu based off some of their favorites from their standard dining options. You will have selections from appetizers and soup to burgers, pasta, or steak. So, whatever your dining pleasure during our special events, you'll have more control over what you eat as well as how much you would prefer to spend. As a result, you'll notice our monthly meeting rate has dropped significantly simply to cover the program expenses!

Members will be asked to order as they check in to expedite our dining, so please come a few minutes early to explore the menu and get settled in this new space. Please do not hesitate to contact a board member if you have any quetions about our new location. See you there!

The Library Restaurant and Pub (upstairs banquet area)
2610 Lynhurst Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317) 243-0299
Special Competition Opportunity! Act FAST!!
Thanks to our good friend, fellow member, and master photographer Eileen Cote, we all have an opportunity to test drive some of our District and IPC competition prints! Next week, at the Photo Pro expo, there's is an expo competition. Through Eileen's efforts, IPPG members have been invited to enter their prints for only $15 per print. The deadline to get our prints in is Wednesday, February 7th and Eileen has offered to hand deliver all IPPG member entries! The judging will take place on Thursday, February 8th, so the feedback will be quick and if you have time to cruise over, you can view the judging, in person, to hear what the judges have to say about each print to help you prepare your prints for greater 2018 results! The more you participate in print competition, the stronger you will get!

You can find the Competition rules HERE . To coordinate getting your prints to Eileen and for any questions regarding this competition, call or email Eileen Cote. There's not much time, so get busy this weekend and connect with Eileen soon!

Again, thank you Eileen for extending this opportunity to all IPPG members!

Eileen Cote
(317) 709-1675
Meet your Board- Committee Member~ Kip Shawger
I’m a native of New Jersey who received a B.S. degree in Drama from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a M.A. degree in Design from Bradley University. My discipline has been theatrical scenic design with over 400 design credits and 40-plus years experience in education, community, professional theatre and television. My design work has taken me to Off-Broadway, Carnival Cruise Lines, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Preforming Arts in Washington, DC, many regional theatres, and Public Television. I retired as Professor Emeritus from Ball State University in 2015. After settling in as “Hoosiers” and residing in Muncie since 1975, my wife and I raised two daughters – the oldest living in Indianapolis with her husband and 3-year old son while the youngest lives with her husband and two sons in Greer, South Carolina.

My work as a photographer actually started out as self-preservation. While in graduate school, I found out that I needed to learn photography and record my own design work. An old and wise professor told me to “never trust anyone to take good photos of your designs but yourself!” That’s how I began a life-long “avocation.” I’m self-taught.  I bought a 35mm SLR camera, used Tungsten slide film, did my own processing, bought an enlarger and began to learn photographic printing. Our one-bath house became my dark room and I was only allowed to work after everyone else went to bed. As the years went bye, in addition to my design work, I concentrated on theatrical production photography and gradually took over taking photos for all Ball State University theatre and dance events. Eventually, musical theatre, acting, and dance students began to ask me if I’d take their “headshots” which then got me into portrait photography. Today, even though I’m retired, I continue to work as an Adjunct Professor Emeritus and serve as the Ball State’s Department of Theatre and Dance’s principle photographer.  My theatrical photography has spread beyond Ball State. I’ve designed for and photographed many theatre and dance events for noted companies across the Mid-West including Actors Theatre of Indiana in Carmel.

Today, my main interest in photography is portraiture. I’ve set up my own small (and when I say small, I mean really small) business specializing in headshot and glamour portraits. One of my greatest pleasures is that I often have the opportunity to work with my makeup artist daughter. The company she started, Cotton Rouge Makeup and Photography LLC, is located in Taylors, SC. As a makeup artist, she specializes in all sorts of makeup events, from weddings to assisting on-assignment photographers. Her photography bug started with me, incorporated it into her business and now seems to have cornered the upstate South Carolina market in boudoir photography. I love going down and creating various theatrical type sets in her really large studio – housed in the old Taylors Mill, a converted bleach factory.  I’ve created and painted backdrops, bedroom sets (both elegant and rustic), etc. Incidentally, she and her husband are part owners of the Mill which has become a really popular artist colony.

Other than photography, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with our grandsons, play with our dogs, garden, and I golf (and someday I hope to shoot my age – and at the rate I play, I’ll live to be very, very old.)

Shawger Photography, Muncie, IN
IG: #dshawger

Featured Member of the Month- Lois Talley
My love of photography since age 18, has been followed by a 26 year photography business. Who would have imagined? Certainly not me! My journey has evolved and included wedding photography, boudoir, senior, events and more recently character & travel photography.  Knowing I should focus on one area didn’t deter my desire to sample the flavor of a wide variety of photography when former clients requested my services. I have always been driven by the desire to capture emotions of the moment or personalities.  I’ve been blessed by being able to give back over the years through volunteer work, including Help Portrait, end of death photography, the state fair print competition and assisting others in their competition journey.  I find I am still surprised when blessed with success.   Entering the IN State Fair & PPA competitions have, as well as joining IPPG, pushed me to constantly learn and improve my craft.  This black and white photo, The Lonely Walk Home , taken in Italy, is one of my favorites. I feel it captured the sense of solitude and loneliness of the moment.
My portrait photographer- fellow IPPG member-Eileen Cote, M.Photog.
How to become a featured Member of the Month- It's Easy!
We expect to feature two members each month to help you get to know your fellow members even better. As a way to hear their background and see some samples of their work, we feel, the stronger our bonds with our peers, the stronger our Guild. To be featured, it's very easy! Simply email the following information to Sarah Crail, 1st VP as soon as you have it together. We will share them in the order they come in. Additionally, you will be invited to display some of your images in print and/or digital during the meeting following the newsletter in which you were featured. For any information about being a featured member, please feel free to contact Sarah Crail, 1st VP or Roben Bellomo, president. If there are no questions, simply email Sarah the following TODAY! We are excited to learn more about YOU!

  1. Bio
  2. Profile Image
  3. 3-5 Sample Images of your work
  4. Business Information (website, email, etc.)
  5. Any upcoming events you may have around your photography
Renew your Membership for 2018 NOW!
For those who were unaware (or forgot), all 2017 memberships are now expired. But don't fret! You can fix that right now by renewing for 2018 HERE . In order for us to maintain more high quality programming, events, and opportunities, we ask you to please renew promptly! Thank you for your continued membership! We are what we are because of all of you. Expect more great things with your 2018 membership!

2018 Board
Joe DeFabis, 2nd Vice President
Stacy Workman, Secretary
Jamie Simpson, Treasurer
Ed Stewart, Registration Director
Todd Fuqua, Committee Member
JJ Kaplan, Immediate Past President