Dean Mundy, Ph.D., University of Oregon

This article is featured in the Research Journal of IPR, Volume III, Issue I

The business case for diversity emerged as an effective, tangible rationale for forging a diverse and inclusive (D&I) organization. It argues that a more diverse organization leads to more creative and inclusive thinking, provides a competitive edge, heightens an organization's social license to operate, and creates more success in the marketplace.

Increasingly, however, scholars have revealed the shortcomings of the business case paradigm. Diversity should be a more substantial driver of an organization's culture and for organizations to take up the mantle of social justice. Simply put, while much of the literature has focused on the benefits of a diverse workforce and the importance of accountability and action by leadership, there are increasing calls for D&I to go further. Read more.
Yi Luo, Ph.D., Montclair State University, Hua Jiang, Ph.D., Syracuse University & Owen Kulemeka, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

To understand how social media is reshaping the profession of public relations, it is vital know how the leaders in the field are using it to their advantage. This study explored how social media use has increased recognition of the value of public relations.

Four key dimensions emerged from interview results on how public relations leaders can strategically use social media to establish leadership roles: exhibiting expert power, gaining decision power by demonstrating tangible outcomes, displaying leadership vision in social media use, and establishing leadership among peers. Read more.
Last week, the field lost a great supporter and friend in Ward White. He was passionate about the profession and a fighter for the greater good. He cared tremendously about education. At Northwestern Mutual, he helped champion the Master's Thesis of the Year award, given annually by IPR.

For more than 20 years, he served on the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Public Relations. He even created IPR's current logo. Ward left a lasting mark on many industry organizations. He will be missed. Thank you, Ward, for all you did. Your contributions have indeed made our profession better, and your legacy will live on. Read more.
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