Ana Tkalac Verčič, Ph.D., University of Zagreb

Is there a significant relationship between the eight dimensions of internal communication satisfaction and three employee engagement dimensions?

Internal communication should be recognized as an underlying influence of employee engagement, implying that internal communication strategies, when effectively applied, help organizations to create and sustain high levels of employee engagement, which leads to higher levels of performance. Managers should be instructed on the importance of internal communication for enhancing employee engagement but they have to be aware that a set of drivers of engagement is broad. Read more.
Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., Institute for Public Relations

IPR recently released a report investigating the concept of Organizational Clarity, defined as the understanding and alignment an individual employee has about the organization and its vision, mission, values, strategy, and competitive reality. Without Organizational Clarity, employees feel less connected to the organization, and productivity declines. Morale suffers, and talent leaves.

Chief Communication Officers play a vital role in defining and refining the values process. The organization must live and breathe the values, and they should be ingrained in the company's business model and strategy. Employees must be able to execute and live out these values in everything they do for the organization. Without these values, organizations fail to provide the Organizational Clarity that is required for success. Read more.
Melissa W. Graham, Ph.D., University of Central Oklahoma,
Elizabeth J. Avery, Ph.D. and Sejin Park, Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Despite the enormous value social media holds, there is scant research on the extent to which local governments are actually using it for crisis communications. According to a new study, strategic use of social media during a crisis will yield positive impact on constituents and show that local government is managing the situation. In addition, the study found using one tool meaningfully is more effective than using multiple tools with a poor strategy.

As local governments continue to face diminishing budgets and a lack of human resources, it is imperative to reveal how social media can maximize efficiency in crisis management. 
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