Marlene Neill, Ph.D., Baylor University

Mentoring is a way of socializing employees into an organization by educating them about policies, role expectations and behavioral norms.

According to a recent study sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America and the Arthur W. Page Center, mentoring is highly valued by Millennials and directly associated with their intent to stay with the employer. Greater commitment to an organization is crucial, as many employers have indicated that Millennials tend to be less loyal and more willing to leave to advance in their careers. Read more.
Jacqueline Strayer, New York University

Many of us were left wanting and some sat in disgust and disappointment as we watched the recent Presidential debate. In communication, we often face confrontation in our organizations. Maybe they are neither as brazen as what we are witnessing in this campaign, but the takeaways from this debate provide insights into how we evaluate messaging, respond to crisis and handle inquiries from our public.

In this election, the same questions are being asked over and over and the candidates' answers continue to leave us disappointed. When you are dealing with an issue, come clean with it. Develop a response that answers the question and addresses the concerns that people have. While the question cannot be changed, the answer can provide context and be one that is satisfying and gets to the heart of the matter. Read more.
Sarab Kochhar, Ph.D., Institute for Public Relations

Dr. Sarab Kochhar and Dr. Gregor Halff
What is the impact of millennials on brand reputation? What role does reputation play in the age of artificial intelligence and virtual reality? Reputation management was the focus of discussion at PRAXIS 2016, a Public Relations and Corporate Communications Summit on September 23 in the Aamby Valley, India.

Dr. Sarab Kochhar, Director of Research for IPR, presented the role of research in building reputation and how professionals can use the power of research to strengthen their reputations. With more than 170 attendees, conferences like PRAXIS are a great way to share with international professionals how IPR can help them discover the science beneath the art of public relations. Read more.
International PR and communications professionals will converge in Bangkok next May for the world's biggest conference on PR measurement. The Global Summit on Measurement is organized by AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication.
The three-day Summit will be comprised of senior client presentations and workshops, and will also include the awards ceremony for the annual AMEC International Awards. Read more. 
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