The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations Launches the North American Communication Monitor 
Juan Meng, Ph.D., and Bryan Reber, Ph.D., University of Georgia

The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations  has released the first North American Communication Monitor (NACM), featuring results from a survey of  1,020 communication professionals. 

The study explored diverse topics, including  fake news and strategies to deal with fake news, top issues for the profession in the next three years, the role of providing information to support decision making, leaders' performance, professionals' job engagement, trust in organization, job satisfaction, work stress, as well as social media skills and management knowledge.  Read more about the results of the study.
The End of Linear Storytelling: The #Thumbstopping Story of our Digital Future
Ethan McCarty, CEO, Integral Communications Group

In our world of digital experiences, linear narratives no longer bring in the crowds much less compel them to action. Communications professionals  have to rethink the value we place on stories and embrace new areas of opportunity for sharing and engaging through experiences.

As mass audiences transform into audiences of one through micro-targeting and personalization, content consumers increasingly want to be a part of the story, and traditional, linear storytelling starts to feel like a blunt instrument to achieve that level of participation.  That's why we need to shift from managing content to creating experiences. Read more to learn how to start transitioning from linear storytelling. 
Rewarding Employees for Engaging in Employee Advocacy: Is this the Right Move?
Patrick Thelen, Ph.D., University of Florida

In recent years, employee advocacy has become a buzzword that has captured the attention of public relations, marketing, human resources, and business circles.  With the rise of social media, it has increased the perception that employee advocacy needs to be seen as a priority by organizations. 

Among other outcomes, employee advocacy has the potential to increase a company's brand awareness, influence its growth and sales, attract new talent and retain employees, and impact its overall reputation. How do we motivate employees to engage in or enhance these advocacy behaviors? And is it ethical to reward employees for advocating for an organization online?  Read more to see how employee advocacy is evolving within the field.

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