IPUL's E-News for April 30, 2021
Here are the highlights of our recent activity online. Not everything is included due to timeliness. If an advertised event already took place, we've left it off.
US Department of Education Handbook on Safely Reopening Schools
two covers for the guides on safely reopening schools
We are happy to share the 2-volume handbook published by the US Department of Education, containing the guidelines they recommend for safely reopening schools

School Located Behavioral Health
Idaho Primary Care Association logo
Following up on a story that we've been carrying here, we are happy to share this resource page from the Idaho Primary Care Association showing locations where they have partnerships with schools to provide School Located Behavioral Health

VSA Emerging Young Artists Program Extended
The VSA Emerging Young Artists Program has been extended to May 5th. Check this opportunity out for young artists with disabilities:

Our programs for artists with disabilities shape the future of the arts. The VSA Emerging Young Artists Program, a Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program, amplifies the voices of emerging artists with career development and professional empowerment.

This national juried exhibition seeks artwork that demonstrates the excellence and important perspectives of artists with disabilities, ages 16-25, residing in the United States. Fifteen artists will share a total of $60,000 in awards, with a grand prize of $20,000. For winning artists, one of the submitted artworks will be selected for a national exhibition. Artists attend professional development activities provided by the Kennedy Center.
Idaho Gives 2021 is underway!
It's time for Idaho Gives, and we would like to ask you to choose to donate to Idaho Parents Unlimited.


Since 1985, Idaho Parents Unlimited, a statewide nonprofit, has been providing assistance and support to families whose children have disabilities and special health care needs.

Each year we engage in approximately three to 5000 interactions with parents and our professional partners. To help families navigate the complicated systems of special education and health services in our state. We provide one to one assistance, we provide monthly workshops. We provide conferences, we provide scholarships to families, and as a parent led organization, we sometimes just provide a shoulder to lean on. We also have incredible arts programming, where we serve nearly 500 children annually to allow them to participate in high quality arts programs in their school and their communities.

One of our most amazing programs is called a work of art in which students who are transitioning to adulthood work in teams with a local community very cool develop art while also building their important skills for future employment.

Everything we do at IPUL is at no cost to the families and youth we serve. When you give to IPUL. You're building our capacity to help more families, you're investing in our children with disabilities to help them reach their full potential. You're truly investing in Idaho's families and our communities as a whole.

We thank you for making us a priority.
May's Statewide Training: Planning a Healthy Transition to Adulthood (for Parents)
planning a healthy transition flyer
This training helps parents prepare their youth for transitioning to adulthood, with a goal of independent living - including managing their personal health needs. Topics include managing appointments, medications, oral health, hearing and vision, durable medical equipment, assistive technology, and mental health and wellness.

Taking Place

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 @ 6:00 PM, MDT

question ask here
Contact Idaho Parents Unlimited!

The best method to reach us for assistance is through our website:  
https://ipulidaho.org/connect-with-us#contact-us-here . You can also shoot us a question using the abbreviated version of that form at the bottom of every page on our website, although we may need to get more information from you.

We monitor our intake phone line (208-342-5884) several times a day, and will try to respond to any request there within 24 hours. We use an automated intake phone system, so you will be leaving a message.

For questions that are not about something in our scope of work, you can still leave a phone message as above, send the question to the form on our website, or shoot us an email at parents@ipulidaho.org.

We keep our website updated with new news and events, and maintain a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
IPUL's programs are funded through grants and contracts with the following:
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