IPUL's E-News for September 10, 2021
Here are the highlights of our recent activity online. Not everything is included due to timeliness. If an advertised event already took place, we've left it off.
"Dear Teacher..."
Kids with a formal diagnosis, such as autism, Asperger's, ADHD, learning disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Central Auditory Processing Disorder -- along those who just need to move while learning--often find it challenging to shine in a traditional classroom. The kids who collaborated to write and star in this "Dear Teacher" video represent such students. So, they wanted to share with educators how their brain works and offer simple ways teachers can help.

Middleton baby with rare genetic condition gets a $2.1 million infusion to give him a fighting chance
We shared this great story about an Idaho family whose baby was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the treatment that is now available to completely alter the course of this rare genetic disorder.
This precious baby boy is Ryder Comer of Middleton.

His parents Jake & Haley were thrilled to welcome him into this great big world, but they were quickly concerned about his development.

He was hospitalized at 5-weeks old after having trouble breathing, and his mom and dad soon learned he had SMA type 1, a rare and life-threatening genetic condition that impacts his muscles.

They were told his best treatment option was a new, life-saving 2.1 million dollar infusion.

Yes, 2.1 MILLION DOLLARS. It’s the world’s most expensive medical treatment.

It is a staggering price tag. The sooner he received it, the better. He’s the only Idaho baby to have this infusion so far.

Find out how he, and his mom, are now paving the way for other Idaho babies with SMA. They are heroes!

Watch and read the full article here : https://bit.ly/3mOta7h
Smart Kids, Smart Nutrition At Children's Therapy Place
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On Wednesday, September 22, 2021 from 5 - 6:00 PM, Children's Therapy Place will be having a free Nutrition Presentation for parents night. 

Come to learn about proper nutrition for your children, presented by Jennyfer Berg, Certified Nutritional Health Coach. 

Internship Opportunity!
Our friends at the Idaho Caregiver Alliance in concert with the Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging are looking for someone to assist them part time with their social media!

"We have a part-time position available for a bilingual student to help with our Spanish social media presence in partnership with Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging!

Possible Internship credit available."

Self Advocacy For Youth : Creating Positive Change
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Join Idaho Parents Unlimited during Bullying Prevention Month for a conversation about how kids and youth can advocate effectively for themselves.

This will consist of a normal, hour long training that will be recorded, followed by a half-hour question and answer section that will not.

All via Zoom

Taking Place
Wednesday, October 13, 2021 @ 6:30 PM, MST

Registration is required - Register Here:
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