IPUL's E-News for July 17, 2020
Here are the highlights of our recent activity online. Not all everything is included due to timeliness. If an advertised event already took place, we've left it off.
IPUL Is Here For You!

The best method to reach us is through our ( newly refreshed ) website: 

We monitor our   intake phone line   several times a day, and will try to respond to any request there within 24 hours. 

For questions that are  not  about something in our  scope of work , you can still leave a phone message as above, or send us an email at  parents@ipulidaho.org   - this account will be monitored daily, but is not as heavily monitored as the main intake systems.
We keep constantly updating our COVID-19 page with new information as it becomes available: https://ipulidaho.org/covid-19-information
Idaho Mastery Learning Framework Unveiled
Idaho Mastery Learning Framework logo
At the Virtual Mastery Learning Conference in June, Superintendent Sherri Ybarra unveiled Idaho's new Idaho Mastery Learning Framework to more than 300 educators in attendance!

Idaho Code defines mastery-based education as "an education system where student progress is based on a student's demonstration of mastery of competencies and content, not seat time of the age or grade level of the student".

The newly unveiled framework is a concise document that builds on this definition and spotlights how Mastery learning empowers students and personalizes learning!

Clear Facemasks Available for No Cost for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
CDHH is excited to announce we will be receiving clear masks to distribute throughout Idaho at no cost to you! Are you or your organization in need of clear masks? Send us an email at Cindy.Schreiner@cdhh.idaho.gov and include:

1. the area you live (North Idaho, Treasure Valley, etc.)
2. how many masks you need
3. the reason for the request
Masks will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Hello, CDHH is excited to announce that we recently placed a bulk order of adult-sized, see-through, clear facemasks that we will distribute throughout the state of Idaho at no cost to you. We are now accepting requests for these masks. If you are in need of clear facemasks, send us an email and include: the area you live in, how many masks you need, and the reason for the request. Some of these reasons may include masks for an SLP working with Deaf or Hard of Hearing students, or a teacher, or you may need them for ASL classes at a college or high school, and so on. Please send us your request and we’ll work out the rest. Thank you!
The Idaho Council for Exceptional Children Needs Your Help!
several teachers holding signs
Midway through the 2020 CASE/CEC Virtual Special Education Legislative Summit the Idaho Advocacy Team has been getting the word out.

Help us out and add your voice to the efforts. You can take action here https://specialeducationlegislativesummit.org/schedule/ . It’s quick, simple and easy.

Our Representatives need to hear from you on fully funding IDEA, educator shortages, school mental health needs, and special education during the pandemic.
July's "IPUL, DRI, and SDE Conversation About Special Education" Available as an Archive
a screencapture showing the idaho state department of education school reopening plan page on the SDE website
If you missed our conversation on July 15 with IPUL, DRI and the SDE about special education in the era of COVID-19, we've got a recording of it up for you to view on our website.

You can always find our recorded webinars here: 

Strategies for a Successful Start to School - IPUL's August 2020 Statewide Training
August Flyer
Join IPUL to hear about Strategies for a Successful Start to School in this uncertain age - we will be discussing best practices for working with professionals, back to school tips, and how to adjust to the new normal.
Our statewide training is webcast monthly live via Zoom Webinar.  

Once you have registered, you will be sent an email with your registration confirmation as well as a link so you can join the webcast when it goes live.  
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IPUL will only be offering this training online.  

We will be offering this training on August 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM Mountain Time  

Phone: (208) 342-5884