IPUL's Social Media Recap: May 10, 2019
Here are the highlights of our recent activity online. Not all everything is included due to timeliness. If an advertised event already took place, we've left it off.
We are back on the road again, so this is a short one this week.
Children's Museum of Idaho Sensory Friendly Afternoon - Monday May 13, 2019
A young girl touches gears mounted on a wall
We shared this from the Children's Museum of Idaho:

Our Sensory Friendly afternoon will be Monday May 13th from 3 to 5pm. Low lighting, muted sounds, weighted vests, sound canceling headphones, and special sensory activities will be available. Please call the Museum to register. A minimum of 20 people is required to host this event and the cost is normal admission.  #playispowerful
A Work of Art Boise Reception
Great evening with some young Boise artists and their beautiful artwork. These talented kids designed these beautiful works of art for our collective space! These kids are part of the [Idaho Parents Unlimited's VSA Idaho Program, The State Organization on Arts and Disability] with the support of the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. We are so grateful for these kids, their supportive families, Heather Kirk Skinner, Amy and Cassandra. 

A quote from one of the artists
Art on Easels
a rough draft on display
A mandala
Art mounted on posterboard
poster explaining work of art
A logo designed by the artists
Art Mounted on posterboard
Snacks on a table
A logo designed by the artists
A logo designed by the artists
portraits and bios of the artists
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Currently if you are on our mailing list (and if you are reading this, you are) you are getting everything we send out... However we know that not everyone wants to see everything we send out, so we are making it easy to tune your preferences.

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June's Statewide Training:
Tools for Your Toolbox
Broadcast Live from the Boise office and interactive statewide via our webinar platform.
Tools for Your Toolbox 
Wednesday, June 12, 2019 | 5:30 - 7:00 pm MT
This is an all inclusive training covering everything from early childhood, IDEA, transition to adulthood, coordination of care, and much more.
We welcome people who want to attend the training in person at our Boise office. (Please plan to be in the office at least by 5:20 p.m.)  People attending remotely via our simulcast webinar will only need to have a modern web browser to attend. (And you can do that via computer, smartphone, or tablet) 

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the live event.  
IPUL's Webinar Library:
Just a reminder that we have changed how we present our webinars - rather than a live webinar, will are now releasing a series of shorter, prerecorded modules on the same topic as our statewide training. The idea being that once we put them up, they will remain available for anyone to register to see and watch at their leisure.

You can find them here on our website: