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Manage Effectively And Lead Decisively

Being a manager is a major responsibility. The success of your business is largely due to the way you lead your staff. Employees that are not guided well cannot be as efficient as needed. As a leader in the company, here are some things you are charged with.


Ten Tips For Successful Networking

1. Take a look at your present positive and meaningful relationships. Is there more you can give?

2. If you want to get to know someone, ask a mutual acquaintance for an introduction. Friends can't read your mind; communicate how they can help you.

3. Make healthy connections by avoiding toxic personalities. They drain you and prohibit you from making the right kind of connections.


IQ vs EQ

Have you ever hired a person who had a rocking resume? Their education level and performance was off the charts, but you brought them into the job and they did not do as you hoped. Just because an individual is book smart, does not mean they will do a good job in your business.


Managing Change


Facing change, a group divides into three factions - those for it, those against it and the fence sitters. Which group should you encourage?

Answer: Spend your time with those who already favor it, says Ron Koroscil and Jack D'Urso of Pitney Bowes.

Reason: In their manufacturing group, the pair encouraged and supported those who favored the change. That faction then influenced the fence sitters to accept the change. When that happened, the resisters signed on because they saw that change was inevitable.

Source: Real-World Project Management: New Approaches to Change and Uncertainty, by Mary Feeherry DeWeaver and Lori Ciprian Gillespie, Quality Resources, New York, NY 10010 



How To Protect Yourself From Identify Theft

With more and more business occurring on the Internet, protection from identity theft has never been more important. However, despite the increased attacks on personal computers and websites, few people are taking the necessary precautions to secure their information. To help make you a safer user and to keep your information away from those looking to steal your identity, below are a few suggestions as to what you can do.