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Be Cautious with Business Financial Information


You've probably been hearing a lot lately about tax identity theft. News organizations report these events when thieves steal the personal information of customers or employees from large businesses or government entities. But tax identity theft happens on a smaller scale too - and your business could be a target.

Here are two ways your company - and your company's reputation - can be hurt by this...(Read More)  

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Most  business owners want to grow their companies. But growth results in a whole new set of challenges for businesses. We explore how to plan growth initiatives carefully, so that growth doesn't lead to cash flow and other financial problems. 


We also talk about the advantages and the risks of purchasing commercial real estate through an IRA. 


If you have questions, we have answers, give us a call and let us make sense of it all, so you can relax! 

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Exploring IRA Investments in Commercial Real Estate 


Investors have used self-directed IRAs to invest in residential real estate for some time now. But savvy investors can also direct those funds toward commercial real estate, which typically provides higher returns and attractive tax benefits.


Commercial real estate investments no doubt give you the comfort that comes from investing in an asset class in which you have some experience and expertise. Before you rush...(Read More) 

Business Growth:

Line Up Your Strategies Before Expanding


Most closely held business owners want to grow their companies. Growth represents progress, and it can result in financial rewards and new opportunities for owners and employees.


However, growth results in a whole new set of challenges for businesses. In particular, expanding will have a significant impact on most companies. This makes it critical to plan your growth initiatives carefully so that growth doesn't lead to cash flow and other financial problems that can jeopardize your company's future...(Read More). 

Hiring Tips


Garnering a good return on investment isn't limited to retail products, raw materials, equipment, and real estate. 


The people you hire are an investment as well. If they provide excellent customer service, produce quality products, and care about what's best for the company, your return can far exceed...(Read More)