NRC-IRAP Aerospace Sector Team Partners with the Space Angels Network
The NRC-IRAP aerospace sector team lead has confirmed for the 2016 Caucus on the "Internet of Things" From Space:

Estelle Havva  - The current National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) aerospace sector team lead previously worked as a technology and financial consultant, where she advised one of South Korea's largest companies on raising a global venture fund. She's also consulted small to medium size technology companies on expanding their sales to overseas markets.

Ms. Havva was also vice-president & partner of TechnoCap, a $250Mln CDN early-stage high tech private venture capital fund, where she helped investee companies grow from start-up to commercialization.
The IRAP Aerospace Sector Team has also just announced a partnership with the US based  Space Angels Network (SAN)

This partnership will  provide value added advisory services to Canadian Space Technology (CST) small and medium enterprises and serve as an introductory service   for Canadian companies looking to receive funding from SAN investors. 

Examples of recent SAN deals. Graphic c/o SAN.

Areas of interest include ground networks technologies, human spaceflight, in-space services, launch and transport services, micro-gravity research, satellites, space energy, space habitats and real estate and space resources (such as asteroid mining).

In essence, they are looking to put together deals for seed funding of from $100k - 600k with NewSpace focused Canadian start-ups.

For more background information on the SAN, check out the February 7th, 2016 post, " 2016 Could Be a Big Year for Space: Is Ottawa Paying Attention?" or call the NRC IRAP toll free line at 1-877-994-4727 and ask for an introduction to the IRAP aerospace sector team.

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