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27 February 2024

IRC website resources updated

The RORC Rating Office has been busy updating the resources on the IRC website and we encourage owners, measurers, Rule Authorities and equipment manufacturers to read these to make sure you are up-to-date.

Remember that compliance with the IRC rules and the boat's current certificate are the owner's responsibility. Please re-read the IRC rules and use the resources on the IRC website to help avoid confusion or any unintentional rule breaches.

The links below are current but may change in future if documents are updated. You can find the most recent versions at https://ircrating.org/irc-certificate/measurement/

Valid Boat Data published

You may have read recently that IRC valid boat data for all rated boats from January 2024 is now being published on the IRC website, please see the press release for more information. The valid boat data link is in the Racing menu.

Full copy certificates may still be purchased in line with IRC policy.

Endorsement Standards

The main addition to this is paragraph 5. Retention of Endorsed Status. IRC Endorsement is intended to show that the data on the rating certificate is verified as correct to add confidence in the rated data for the owner, competitors and event organisers. Due to concerns about issues such as aging weighed or measured data, compound weight adjustments and changes of ownership the IRC Technical Committee has added specific examples to the document whereby the Rating Authority (RORC/YCF) has the right to remove Endorsed status, and a Rule Authority has the right to request that it be removed.

Number of Headsails Q+A

Do staysails count? How do I know if my headsail is a heavy weather jib? Find answers to these and other questions about the new rule for 2024, rating the number of headsails carried on board.

If you have other questions that may be added, please let us know to [email protected]

Flying Headsails Q+A

Helpful information regarding the Flying Headsail and tack point (STLFHmax) definitions, this document has been updated to reflect the 2024 new minimum half width to foot (FSHW/FSFL) ratio of 60%, and we have added updated approximate rating effects for flying headsails in 2024. There are no changes to the definition of STLFHmax (the furthest point forward that you can tack the flying headsail) but please refresh your knowledge about this aspect of the rules.

Sail measurement stickers Q+A

The IRC Rules for 2024 have added a requirement for all sails certified after 2023 for a boat with an Endorsed IRC certificate to include the measured dimensions including the sail area for headsails, flying headsails and spinnakers.

This document answers some frequently asked questions about this new rule.

Measurement manual

Many of the updates to this document are ‘housekeeping’ with no change in practice, but notable updates are marked by a sidebar. The measurement manual is not just for approved measurers; it is also an important resource for any owner either doing measurement on their own boat or interested to understand the practical details of boat measurement for IRC rating.

Other data resources

. Photographing your boat for IRC rating

. Acceptable sources of data

. Help with mathematical formulae used in the IRC Rule

. Simple measurement guides for rig and sails

. Measurement condition (what should be on board)

. Aft rigging drawings

and more...

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