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Road Safety Audits:
From Concept to Results
On-line Training | November 2 - 12, 2020

Learn Effective Vaccines for Road Safety
Road safety audit and inspections serve the common purpose of identifying risk factors related to road design or traffic control that may lead to crashes, or make crashes more severe. In many cases, they also assist network highway operators and city traffic departments in identifying engineering weaknesses and hazardous locations, even in the absence of robust traffic injury data. Almost 85% of countries surveyed by the World Health Organization currently report implementing road safety audits or inspections, and it is important for all road safety professionals to understand how to design and implement them correctly for maximum safety benefits.
The lectures will be taught over a two-week period with live 2-hour on-line sessions held Monday through Thursday.

Learning Objectives
  • Focus on road deficiencies that lead to severe and fatal injuries
  • Understand at which stages and how to conduct road safety audits
  • Understand the benefits, resources and legal issues associated with road safety audits
  • Identify data sources available to support the work of road safety auditors
  • Use advanced methods to forecast and analyse traffic safety conditions
  • Learn how to present findings to decision makers and make a compelling case for safety investments
  • Learn how to prioritize audit findings within a set investment budget
  • Earn 16 Professional Development Hours
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Traffic Forecasting & Simulation
November 2-5, 2020 | Online Training
Professional Development Hours

Traffic simulation is the mathematical modelling of transportation systems (highways, arterial routes, roundabouts, grid systems, etc.) through the application of processes and specialized software to assist the design and management of transportation systems. This key function allows planners and engineers to dimension roadway facilities and anticipate likely impacts of new developments. However, traffic prediction modelling is a vast domain in which a wide range of models suited for specific purposes exist. Moreover, the development of new forms of mobility, including the future deployment of autonomous vehicles, require planners to stay on top of this fast-moving discipline.

16 Professional Development Hours

This on-line training course is designed to provide a methodical overview of climate change mitigation strategies and emergency response management. Participants will be guided through various processes aimed at conducting thorough risk preparedness assessments and the associated remedial measures. Throughout the course, the issue of successful engagement with impacted residents will be addressed.

November 2 - 17, 2020 | Online Training
16 Professional Development Hours

This online course is designed to meet the educational needs of government officials in charge of transportation procurements and contracts. Topics span the entire project cycle, including planning and needs assessment, pre-qualification and qualification of contractors, tendering or RFP process, proper use and management of consultants, procurement negotiation, best practices in project supervision, completing projects on time and on budget, as well as the critical importance of ethics, anti-corruption and financial integrity particularly for multi-lateral bank and privately financed projects. 

November 2 - 19, 2020 | Online Training
16 Professional Development Hours

This online course will provide a basic overview of public-private partnerships and project finance covering both academic theory as well as a technical review of some of the basic techniques used for the delivery and management of transportation infrastructure projects. The course will integrate multiple case studies from actual transportation projects and provide examples of methods and management procedures used by agencies, financial institutions, and infrastructure companies delivering projects via the project finance technique. Delegates will also explore project financial modeling and the inputs and risk associated with such models. The course leans toward the public or owner view although all stakeholder perspectives are incorporated into the course material. The course is ideal for delegates that are new to project finance and PPPs.

Nov 24 - Dec 17, 2020 | Online Training
16 Professional Development Hours

The main goal of this online training is to introduce the fundamentals of sustainability relevant to the transportation infrastructure materials. Various aspects, such as the use of recycled materials, the environmental impacts during the life cycle of the infrastructure, and the life cycle cost analysis methods and tools will be introduced. Moreover, the state of the art and state of the practice for sustainability considerations during the design, construction, and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure will be covered.

Nov 30 - Dec 15, 2020 | Online Training
16 Professional Development Hours

This online course is designed to provide government officials in charge of surface transportation projects and programs with a fundamental understanding on how transportation projects are financed and the techniques and practices to ensure sound financial management during project delivery and beyond. The course takes a hybrid approach to professional learning blending academic theory on finance from leading business schools with practical application and management practices in the road industry. Topics to be covered include financial statements, investment appraisals, capital budgeting, financial modelling, traffic forecasting, transportation economics, construction finance, and asset management. Attendees will be given the opportunity to apply their understanding on practical exercises throughout the course.

Dec 7 - 22, 2020 | Online Training
20 Professional Development Hours

The International Road Federation (IRF) On-line Safe Roads by Design™: Making Roads Safe for all Users certified training program is one of the most comprehensive on-line road safety training programs in the world. Experts in the field will present best practices and state of the art technologies in Roadside Safety, Work Zone Safety, Vulnerable User Safety, Traffic Management and Road Safety Audits over a three week period. The purpose of this training program is to help participants to understand what can be done to reduce the number of road crashes and the number of fatalities and serious injuries from road crashes that may still occur.

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At a time when many transportation professionals are unable to travel, IRF is redoubling efforts to develop eLearning programs and online training tools which allow professionals to access a pool of knowledge resources from the safety of their home or office. IRF's eLearning program not only provides the most relevant, up-to-date information and best practices and solutions, but is also designed to assist attendees in learning to correctly apply the knowledge gained.

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