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IRIS Upgrades Launch Monday Morning!

The zip code field has been separated out into two separate fields. Use the drop-down field for community members that live in Kane County. Use the open field to type in zip codes that are out of County. 

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98% of Kane County IRIS Users polled during the Annual IRIS Celebration said said "yes", they would like demographics to be added to the IRIS configuration. We, as a community, will approach this with care and center equity and harm reduction in the analysis and use of the data.

Ask community members which race, ethnicity or origin they identify with and check all that apply. If they chose not to identify, simply leave those fields blank.

The Kane County AOK Network Social Determinants of Health Screening to Service Protocol has launched! The fields below have been added to support this important initiative. The more providers and other community workers ask these questions and help connect those in need with the systems and services to support them, the better outcomes we will see for individuals, families and communities. The initial project pilot group will be scaling up as they fiscal year progresses.  If your program or organization is interested in this protocol, learn more here or contact Kim Peterson for details at [email protected].

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