Year-end 2020
Investment Update

IRMA’s investment portfolio made a dramatic comeback in the second half of the year, finishing with a 11.33% estimated return for 2020. After the low point in March, which reflected a 13% loss, investment income returns broke even at the end of July and moved positive in August with a large upswing in November. As 50% of IRMA’s investments are in equities (stocks), we benefit from a rising stock market.

The approximate investment return for 2020 is 11.33%, for the most recent 5 years is 10.32%, most recent 10 years is 8.61%, and since inception in 1979 is 7.41%.

An amazing statistic: since IRMA’s inception, $250 million in investment income has been recorded with $145 million of that earned in the last 10 years. As IRMA’s portfolio grows, income should grow as well. The ending 2020 total cash and investment balance was $207 million, while 10 years ago, the ending 2011 balance was $131 million.