Reminder: Revenue Base Worksheets and 2020 CAFR's Due August 2nd
At the June 15 IRMA BOD meeting, the membership concurred with staff’s recommendation that COVID revenue not be included in the IRMA revenue base. After analysis of the issue, in consultation with IRMA’s actuaries, the conclusion was that COVID revenue should not be considered in members’ revenues bases. Please list all COVID revenue amounts separately on the revenue base worksheet, so we can assure these revenues are excluded. Revenue base worksheets must be completed and returned no later than August 2. The revenue base worksheet requires members to report revenues and submit their CAFRs. This information is critical as we prepare the IRMA 2022 budget. The revenue base worksheet can be found on the IRMA website, or you can email Ashli Motyka at for a copy.

Risk Management News
Storm Cleanup Reinforces the Importance of Safety Training
Many IRMA member communities were affected by the recent severe weather and claim data shows just how badly. Not only were members hit with property damage but workers’ compensation claims increased as well. Next time a storm hits, prepare your workforce with effective and timely training to reduce injuries.
Model Policy Updates
Is your Ladder and Stairs Safety Policy up to date? Does your department even have a Ladders and Stairs Safety Policy? If your employees use portable ladders, fixed ladders, or steps/rungs inside manholes, a safety policy to address these areas is a must to ensure employee safety. Check out IRMA's updated Ladder and Stairs Safety Model Policy to review your internal policy.
The American Red Cross CPR Standards were last updated in 2020. Has your organization updated your policy since then? See IRMA's updated First Aid-CPR Model Policy for more information.

Illinois State Law requires owners and operators of "physical fitness facilities" to develop a Medical Emergency Plan and submit it to the State. Does your facility qualify? See IRMA's updated Physical Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Plan Model Policy for more information.
More Self-Paced Trainings Available
Claims Corner
Another Win in a Sidewalk Trip & Fall Case: Open & Obvious
Discover the Open and Obvious Defense to the Sidewalk Trip and Fall Hazard and the Benefits of a Sidewalk Inspection Program.
Court Throws Out Lawsuit Filed by Bicyclist on Street
Learn how Section 3-102(a) of the Tort Immunity Act Defeated Lawsuit Filed by Bicyclist on Street.

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