COVID Revenue Will Not Be Included in IRMA Revenue Base
At the June 15 IRMA BOD meeting, the membership concurred with staff’s recommendation that COVID revenue not be included in the IRMA revenue base. After analysis of the issue, in consultation with IRMA’s actuaries, the conclusion was that COVID revenue should not be considered in members’ revenues bases. Members will receive letters next week that requires the revenue base worksheets be completed no later than August 2. The revenue base worksheet requires members to report revenues and submit their CAFRs. This information is critical as we prepare the IRMA 2022 budget.
Risk Management News
Now Available:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Grant

As your risk pool, we support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives of our members. DEI trainings and consultations not only reduce and eliminate bias, but also serve as a risk prevention effort. IRMA and the Training & Risk Management Committee (TRMC) are proud to bring back the DEI Grant for 2021 to help support all members with their DEI initiatives.

IMAP 2.0 Is Here!

The IMAP Loss Control Visit has been under reconstruction by the Risk Management and Training team for the past two and a half years. On June 15th, the Board of Directors received a presentation summarizing the scope of the project and how the visit has improved

Summer Safety for the Seasonal Worker

Many people look forward to summer, but for employers the summer season is not exactly “fun in the sun.” Summer brings with it an increased (and oftentimes younger) workforce, hot temperatures, hazardous job tasks, and simply more plates to juggle for supervisors. 
Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Training
With the current police reform legislation, the need for relevant use of force training is crucial. Kerry Murakami with Rectitude Training uses the latest research combined with combative sports like jiu-jitsu, wrestling and boxing, along with scenario-based training, to work with an agency’s current combative/defensive tactics and firearms training programs to teach and promote “Behavior that is Righteous”. You can find Kerry’s contact information on the IRMA website under Membership Discounts.
Claims Corner
Another Arbitration Win
This claim involved the Village of Arlington Heights. The loss occurred on January 20, 2021, when a Village ambulance was stopped for a red light at an intersection. The Allstate driver attempted to stop but was unable to and slid into the rear of the ambulance, pushing it into the vehicle in front of it. The Allstate driver then veered off and struck another vehicle to his left. 
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