Fire Chief Steering Committee's

Mental Health Stand Down
May 2022
Millions of adults across America experience mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Often, firefighters and other first responders avoid or delay seeking treatment due to fears of being treated differently or losing their jobs. To raise awareness, the members of the IRMA Fire Chief's Steering Committee is recommending all departments adopt a Mental Health Stand Down week each May. The Committee will be sponsoring events throughout the week of May 15, 2022, available for all Illinois Fire Departments, First Responders, their families, and public officials.

Accounting Assistant

The Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency (IRMA) is looking for a new Accounting Assistant. This newly created position will assist our Finance Department with audit, budget, payroll, and other administrative tasks, including entering new claims and answering phones.

The Increasing Importance of Cyber Security: Cloud Back Up
The cyber insurance market is very volatile, and many carriers are simply refusing to provide coverage for municipalities because of the increased risk they pose. IRMA is exploring self-insurance options in the event we are unable to procure coverage in the private insurance market. As a part of this exploration, we are identifying opportunities to improve cyber security. Going to the cloud is a consideration that should be seriously considered by IRMA members. 
Cyber Insurance Market is Closing Out Municipalities - IRMA Explores Options
We are aware that cyber insurance carriers are refusing to provide coverage to municipalities because of the additional risk since municipalities are frequently targets for cyber-attacks. IRMA has succeeded in procuring cyber insurance for the past three years, but we have been informed that our current carrier may not offer us continuing coverage.

Diversity & Inclusion
IRMA is committed to supporting our members and local government in the advancement of creating and maintaining diverse and inclusive workplaces and communities. Incorporating diversity and inclusion into a community's organizational values allows for communities to make positive impacts, whether in direct services, public policy, or in the workplace, and reduces liabilities.
D&I Advisory Group
The Training and Risk Management Committee and Membership Relations Committee are looking for a group of diverse and passionate volunteers to join a D&I Advisory Group focusing on actions IRMA can take to help members reduce associated liabilities and control losses.
Training & Risk Management
The Importance of Contractual Language: Be Sure to Transfer Risk

“Contractual Risk Transfer” is not the most interesting topic, but it is very important. Some of us may not even know what it means. When IRMA members enter into contracts with third parties, whether it’s to manage a rec center, a golf course, for a temporary employee or a construction project, the contractual language should always ensure that your municipality will not be held liable for the third party’s negligence.

New Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements
for CDL Holders - Updates

The new Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) Mandate that sets new minimum requirements for entry-level driver training set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) took effect February 7th, 2022. With these higher standards, all entry-level drivers obtaining a new or upgraded CDL must be fully trained to federal standards before taking to the roads. Join us April 5th at the Public Works Steering Committee where we will discuss these changes and possible solutions further.
New: Noise Assessment Program
IRMA has partnered with Titan Safety Management to provide workplace noise assessments to the membership at no costs. To be compliant with OSHA's Occupational Noise Exposure Standard, all municipal operating departments with exposure to significant noise hazards must conduct a noise assessment survey both initially and periodically. For additional program guidelines and eligibility, click the link below.
New Injury Prevention Training Videos

IRMA has partnered with AthletiCo Physical Therapy to provide our members a new catalogue of over 30 total body wellness training videos. Use them to develop or supplement workplace Stretching Programs and Employee Wellness Programs. Check them out today!
Pivot Tables User Guide: Make the Data Work for Your Safety Program

Every Spring, IRMA distributes claims data which is specifically tailored to show your entity’s losses. This is an excellent tool which should be used to provide further analyze your loss history and can help you shape your safety program initiatives.
Updated Best Practice Guidelines
Employment of Minors
Hiring persons under the age of 18 can be complicated due to all the State and Federal regulations for the employment of minors. This new guideline can help members navigate those regulations and make best practice determinations on minimum age limits to set for certain positions. 

Electrical Safety
As regulations and resources update and improve, IRMA continues to update model policies and guidelines for its members. New this month is the updated Electrical Safety Model Policy. Members are encouraged to review their policies regularly and update them as needed. Don’t forget to train employees on any changes to policies and procedures. 
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