Congratulations Rita!

IRMA's Director of Finance & Administration Rita Boserup is Retiring
After more than 8 years at IRMA, Rita Boserup will retire on June 18. During her tenure, Rita has assisted in several improvements at IRMA, including the creation of a Contingency Fund, an Optional Deductible Reserve Fund and a new deductible billing process. 

We all wish Rita the very best in her retirement. 
Unanimous: Community Caretaking Exception Reversed
4th Amendment Implications for Police Departments
We previously provided background information to our Police Chief Steering Committee on a case on the Supreme Court’s docket this term. The Court issued its unanimous decision last week, holding that the community caretaker exception does not apply to searches and seizures in homes – most of the time. While the majority opinion, authored by Justice Thomas, is only 4 pages, there are 3 concurring opinions that elaborate and leave open some questions for the future.  
Risk Management News

Welcome Jesse!

IRMA's 2021 Summer Safety Intern

Jesse is a senior in the Safety Program at Illinois State University and is joining IRMA for a 12-week internship through August 6th.

Chlorine Gas Safety

Did you know that chlorine gas was once used as chemical warfare in WWI?

If your municipality handles water treatment and/or wastewater, it is likely that same chemical is onsite right this very minute.
Are Your Playgrounds Ready for Summer?
Each year over 200,000 children are sent to emergency rooms for playground-related injuries. It is our role as playground operators to create safe, fun, and challenging playgrounds while eliminating hazards. Senior Loss Control Representative Jenny Porrevecchio walks through how to perform inspections, maintenance and more in this very important training.
Employee Fitness Program Safety

IRMA member employees are frequently injured while participating in employer-sponsored fitness programs or utilizing employer-owned fitness areas.

Often, the cause of injury is identified as improper use of equipment or conducting exercises that are outside the essential job functions, such as heavy weightlifting or full-contact team sports.
Self-Paced Training Programs Available Now!
IRMA's Self-Paced Trainings are developed for Members to easily administer onsite to employees by a knowledgeable employee or experienced operators. Each training is designed to be downloaded and modified to incorporate member-specific operations, policy and practices.

Topics Include:
  • Aerial Lift
  • Brush Chipper
  • Ladder Safety
  • Mower Safety
  • Trailer Safety
  • Utility Vehicle & Golf Cart Operation
Membership News
Congratulations Chief Davis!

Chief Mitchell R. Davis, III appointed 73rd President of ILACP
Congratulations to Chief Davis of the Hazel Crest Police Department for being sworn in on April 30th as the 73rd President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.
The Lemont Police Department Earns the Lexipol Connect 2020 Gold Award
Congratulations to Chief Maton and the Lemont Police Department for earning the Lexipol Connect 2020 Gold Award. Lexipol, an IRMA partner, recognizes its Departments for excellence in policy development, training management and adherence to national standards.   
Claims Corner
Skip the Treatment Delay

New Programs Connect Injured Workers Directly with Specialists
Workers' Compensation injuries are the most costly of all claims that we handle for our members. Additionally the system is confusing and complex for injured workers to navigate. They need assistance in getting not only the right treatment, but also finding the right medical provider. IRMA is offering two new programs that will overcome these challenges by connecting injured workers with the treatment they need, reducing delays and in turn lowering medical costs and returning to work quicker.

Click on the links below to learn more about what these programs can do for your organization, or reach out to Margo Ely or Mike Metzger to learn more.
24/7 - EagleOne Triage Program

Optimal Performance Program

Dismissal of case: Big Win!

On August 7, 2017, Brandon Smith was killed in a random act of violence committed in the Village of Broadview. A joint task force of municipalities, WESTAF, was notified and activated a team to begin investigating this crime.
Nuisance Suits - We Win Again

Plaintiff originally reported that he slipped and fell on a “concealed, dangerous condition” in the sidewalk of a park. There were no visible declivities or defects on any of the sidewalk surfaces. Plaintiff’s work building and employer, are immediately adjacent to said park. Plaintiff has a known history of filing lawsuits.
Slip and Fall? Plaintiff Has to Prove It!
Plaintiff fell on ice on the public sidewalk across from the Metra train station. Plaintiff claimed that the ice formed in a shallow “bowl” that allowed for collection of melted snow that re-froze into ice. She never noticed ice at this location prior to her fall and never notified the Village about it before or even after the accident.
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