US Supreme Court Affirms Qualified Immunity in 2 Force Cases
There has been a lot of discussion related to the qualified immunity doctrine in the past year and a half. The doctrine of qualified immunity was established by the Supreme Court in the 1980’s as an affirmative defense in Section 1983 cases. Since that time, the doctrine has remained the same: Qualified immunity applies when an officer’s conduct does not violate clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.
Stay OSHA Compliant: Continue COVID-19 Protocols in the Workplace

An IRMA member was recently send an alleged hazard(s) present notification from ILOSHA regarding potential unmasked employees while visiting local businesses and hosting events within their facilities. The member is responding to this notice with an internal investigation and submitting documents to show adherence to the current COVID-19 mandates by all of its employees.
Congratulations to Denyse Carreras on her Retirement!

For many years, Denyse has been an active participant in IRMA; most recently Denyse was the Chair of IRMA’s Member Relations Committee. We wish her the best!
Congratulations to IRMA Staff Member, Jenny Porrevecchio

A wedding shower was held on October 6th in honor of Jenny, Senior Risk Control Consultant. She was married on October 16th. Congratulations Jenny and Blake!
Risk Management News

Avoid Serious Incidents!
A Focus on Wood Chipper Safety
While the hazards of wood chippers may be obvious, complacency and lack of training can contribute to wood chipper accidents. Therefore, it is important that chipper hazards and safety procedures are regularly reviewed and reinforced. Take stock of your chipper safety programs before one of your employees is involved in an incident.
IRMA-LEXIPOL Webinar Partnership
Webinar Topics include:
Through our partnership with Lexipol, a series of on-demand webinars available to our members. These webinars focus on the health and safety of first responders, operation management, and reducing liability exposures. 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Mental Health & Resiliency
  • Police Reform & Use of Force
  • Response & Community Engagement
Training Updates
2021 Grant Applications.....Apply Today!
It's Not too Late - An Email Address to Whitelist is an important email address that needs to be whitelisted. All communication related onsite trainings and loss control visits will be sent through our risk management software Risk Control Technologies. Please make sure your I.T. Department is aware of this email address and approves it.
Schedule Your 2022 Onsite Training

Are you working on your 2022 training plan?

Scheduling a training with IRMA has never been easier! Simply click the link below to complete the training request form. Virtual and onsite training options available.
Unemployment Claim Management
Unemployment Claims
on the Rise
Unemployment claims are on the rise nationally, and IRMA members are being impacted. Over 2,400 UI claims have been submitted to NSN for unemployment claim administration by IRMA members since 2020. This is quadruple the number of claims submitted during the entire period between 2016-2019. These cases are a direct impact of COVID-19 and fraudulent claim filings.

As part of your membership, IRMA members are enrolled into unemployment claim management with NSN Employer Services. For more information on this program, contact Director of Risk Management & Training Jen Swahlstedt at

Separations Resulting from Refusal to Comply with Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy
Many organizations are beginning to require their employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of continued employment. This has, in turn, raised questions about the impact on employers' unemployment programs for those who refuse and are subsequently separated from employment.
Refusal to Work Form
As a condition of unemployment eligibility, an employee must be able and available to work, as well as actively seeking work. If an employee chooses not return to work after a period of unemployment, it could be considered a "refusal of work" according to unemployment law and potentially disqualify the employee from collecting additional unemployment benefits.

Complete a Refusal of Work Form for every job refusal. NSN will submit to the State on your behalf.
Claims Corner
Village of Brookfield v. Lok
A Cook County Court recently dismissed an amended counterclaim filed by a resident seeking to hold the Village of Brookfield liable for allegedly violating his federal right to due process. The resident, who was the named defendant in an action seeking to enforce administrative orders finding him liable for multiple property maintenance violations under the Village code, contended in his amended counterclaim that since he was not personally served with the notice of violations, his due process rights were violated.
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