In ongoing efforts to provide relief to consumers and businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, the federal government has implemented a series of relief programs, including Economic Impact Payments, also known as Stimulus Payments.

The first group of stimulus payments for individuals is expected to be deposited on Wednesday, April 15.  To check the status of your stimulus payments and eligibility, visit the IRS web site . As a reminder, First Commerce does not have access to information about the timing or status of individual stimulus payments. The IRS web site is the only official source for this information.

To assist members, First Commerce has compiled highlights about the Economic Impact Payments along with important tips you can follow to ensure your account information on file with the IRS is correct and up-to-date. Visit our Economic Impact Payment web page for information and the latest updates from the IRS.
FAQs about the Economic Impact Payment

We understand you may have questions about the delivery process, taxpayer eligibility, and timing of economic impact payments. These payments are automatic for most taxpayers. No further action is needed by taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 or 2019  along with most seniors and retirees. Links to IRS information addressing the most frequently asked questions are provided below.

Members are responsible for ensuring accurate delivery of their stimulus payment .

Any payments that cannot be deposited or delivered due to inaccurate account information (direct deposit) will not be received in your account; an incorrect address (paper check) will be returned to the IRS. In these cases, people are responsible for contacting the IRS about how they want to receive their payment. Below are a few tips to assist you with accurately providing payment information.
The IRS will be using information from your most recent tax return (2018 or 2019) to deliver stimulus payments. If your latest tax return resulted in a refund being deposited electronically (Direct Deposit) into your First Commerce account, you can follow these easy steps to ensure your account information on file with the IRS is correct and up-to-date.

  1. Locate the refund section of your 2019 or 2018 tax return -- whichever is most recent.
  2. Verify that you correctly entered the First Commerce Credit Union Routing Number: 263182516
  3. Carefully check that you entered your First Commerce Account Number correctly. There should be no dashes, symbols, or letters in your Account Number (See example image). Also, be sure this is still an active account and has not been closed.
  4. If the routing number or account number are off by even one digit, your electronic payment will not be received in your account.
WATCH FOR FRAUD: Fraudsters have been quick to deploy scams involving the COVID-19 stimulus package including direct payments to individuals and married couples filing jointly.
Remember First Commerce will NOT contact you by phone, text or email to ask for confidential information such as passwords, full debit/credit card numbers, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), Secure Access Codes, etc. Do not give this information to anyone! If you are ever in doubt, hang up an d/or contact us directly at our main number at (850) 488-0035 or (800) 533-5772.