Issue 2022.9

Herschel Local Group and Roman HLSS Galaxy Mock Catalog Releases

Data from the Herschel Maps of Local Group Galaxies program, which combined Herschel observations with lower-resolution data from all-sky surveys to recover extended FIR emission, and the Roman HLSS Galaxy Mock Catalog are now available.

IRSA Viewer Update

A new version of IRSA Viewer has been released. Among new features and bug fixes, this version allows users to 'pin' custom plots of tabular data, enabling a simultaneous view of multiple, different chart types and axes.

WISE Image Server Updates

IRSA has released a new version of the software underlying the WISE Image Server. There are no changes to the data content available, but users will notice a modernized user interface more consistent with other IRSA tools.

Signatures of AGN Feedback: The Post-SOFIA Era
October 20, 2022 7:30am-11:30am PDT

The main goal of the event is to present recent impactful observational results on AGN feedback from SOFIA observations, and to offer the opportunity for AGN observers to discuss the current status and future approaches for IR AGN research.  This workshop is free and fully online, but individuals need to register to get the Webex details: .