Issue 2023.4

ZTF Data Release 17

The seventeenth public data release from the Zwicky Transient Facility is now available. This release contains approximately 48.7 million images, 756 billion source detections extracted from these images, and 4.66 billion light curves.

COSMOS2020 Catalog Release

The COSMOS2020 Classic and Farmer catalogs (Weaver et al. 2022) are now available for searching and bulk downloading. In these catalogues, source detection and multi-wavelength photometry is performed for 1.7 million sources in the 2 square degree COSMOS field. Approximately 966,000 of these sources are measured with all available broad-band data using both traditional aperture photometry and a new profile-fitting photometric tool, The Farmer, developed by the COSMOS team.

IRTF/TEXES Available in IRSA

Data from the TEXES instrument are now available through the IRTF Archive at IRSA. Currently, only a portion of the expected TEXES data are in the archive, but more will be added on an approximately weekly cadence as they are newly reprocessed. The TEXES instrument is a high resolution spectrograph covering 5-25 microns.

IRSA Viewer Updates

A new version of IRSA Viewer has been released that includes a number of notable changes including:

  • various bug fixes
  • new abilities to rearrange the data panels
  • enhanced capabilities for adding columns to tables
  • small, "quality-of-life" changes to plot pinning and merging