When the Historical Society of Martin Count y selected Rob Steele to head the Elliott Museum and House of Refuge at the end of 2018, they found themselves figuratively holding on for dear life as the dynamic new CEO and president hit the road. With doughnuts in the passenger’s seat and a firm handshake at the ready, he set out to meet the neighbors with a goal of developing community partnerships. He said, “I'm anxious to see how much beautiful music we can make by pairing the inherent capacity and location of the Elliott Museum and the House of Refuge with the limitless potential of exciting partnerships with other area non-profits and organizations.”

With an early background in banking and business, Steele understands the need to keep a non-profit organization on a sound financial track. "The sometimes-painful truth is that all non-profits need to function in an environment that balances dedication to mission fulfillment with solid business practices,” he said. “We intend to juggle, with agility, our history, cars, arts and culture, and dynamic touring exhibits, and be ever prepared to make adjustments to the mix.”

Steele grew up in Michigan and spent a decade in Williamsport, Penna. before beginning his Florida adventure. “I find a tall measure of comfort in the warm and sunny climate, but it is the warmth of the people of this wonderful county that makes the migration worthwhile.”

Before moving up the coast to the Elliott Museum, Steele spent more than four years as president and CEO of Old School Square Center in Delray Beach.

He offers a suggestion to residents and visitors: "I have made it a lifetime habit to wink and whisper a not so closely guarded secret to those who harbor some level of interest in the organizations that I serve. My thinly veiled secret for you is simply this, keep your eyes on the Historical Society of Martin County...we are fast afoot discovering new ways to surprise you with unexpected fun."

This week at the Elliott: History in the Making  Benefit Lecture Luncheon with Charlie D'Agata, CBS News Foreign Correspondent, Friday, March 1st, 11:30 - 1:00 pm - at Hutchinson Shores Resort .   Click to RSVP