Together in Our Independence

December 2018
Gould Academy's Yulefest Concert 
A holiday celebration hosted every year before students depart break. It opens with a senior student reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" with an appearance by Santa himself for young faculty children. The night wraps up with a benefit "Cookie Walk" with donated cookies.
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January 2019
7  NEASC Pre-Conference SessionSheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

7-9 Business Officers ConferenceSheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

Corporate Partner ReceptionSheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

17 Maine Development Directors Luncheon, Tuscan Bistro, Freeport, ME

February 2019
25 Finance 101, Cardigan Mountain School, Canaan, NH

April 2019
5  IT Directors Workshop, Tilton School, Tilton, NH

9 College Counselors unConference, New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH

May 2019
5-7 Advancement, Communications, Marketing & Admissions Conference, Omni    Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH
December 18, 2018
Hello ISANNE friends!

Our Fall Heads conference "Developing Leaders and Fostering Culture in Our Schools"  began with a group-read discussion of the book  The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. Coyle names three primary building blocks for creating a strong culture. The first is an environment where people feel safe and they belong; second, vulnerability is supported as they learn new things and grow; and third, there is a shared sense of purpose. These fundamental qualities describe the kinds of learning environments our ISANNE schools seek to create for their community members. During the conference, we also discussed the shifting of faculty expectations over time and understanding the millennial mindset. Another session was a case study of one school's culture challenge and the transparent way the leadership addressed it.  

The final session focused on different examples of professional development opportunities. We noted the importance of the head's role in encouraging people to challenge themselves and try things they might not think they are qualified to do. School leaders believing in and supporting the potential of colleagues is as important as it is with students. Presentations from several school leaders were followed by Round Table conversations and some PD ideas from the session included: 
  • NEASC's accreditation process has many leadership opportunities by serving on a visiting team or running a self study committee; 
  • The New England LEADS program (formerly ISANNE LEADS); 
  • Special campus projects and committee work; 
  • Babson's Women in Leadership program and other Executive leadership programs offered at Universities and colleges;
  • Susan Scott's book Fierce Conversations on offering honest feedback and enriching relationships;
  • One head asks the question, "If you were paid a full salary to work full time in a job other than teaching doing something that would significantly benefit the school, what would you do?"
Many people often comment on the the collegiality of ISANNE membership. As one head commented, "Our recent Head's conference gave me an appreciation for the unique nature and culture of the ISANNE organization. The depth of conversation and the willingness to be open and vulnerable (without being sappy!) are rare occurrences in professional organizations. It is good for us and ultimately good for our schools. Something to work to preserve." Continuing with the culture theme, check out this month's Member Views blog from Meredith Morin on how culture is developed at Maple Street School.  

December seems to arrive before I'm ready for it and here we are! In the days ahead, we wish you safe travels and meaningful moments with family and friends. 


Laurie Hurd
Executive Director,  ISANNE
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views -  "All Meat, No Sides"
Meredith Morin,
Director of Advancement and Communications, Maple Street School
This month's Member View comes to us from Meredith Morin, Director of Advancement and Communications for Maple Street School in Manchester, Vermont.

All Meat, No Sides

Walk into any school in the country at this time of year, and you are sure to observe lessons of gratitude. It is cultivated in community service projects like providing Thanksgiving meals to local families, holding a coat drive, toy drive, can drive. It is seen in class projects with the local assisted living facility, or even in the carefully crafted art projects lovingly created as holiday gifts. It has become a theme in many schools, as we all strive to codify character and community education and make it a living part of our mission.  Read More

from The Educator's Notebook
"Drawing is the best way to learn, even if you're no Leonardo Di Vinci" 
by Anne Quito

"We have misfiled the significance of drawing because we see it as a professional skill instead of a personal capacity... This essential confusion has stunted our understanding of drawing and kept it from being seen as a tool for learning above all else... Drawing shouldn't be about performance, but about process. It's not just for the 'artists,' or even the weekend hobbyists. Think of it as a way of observing the world and learning, something that can be done anytime, like taking notes, jotting down a thought, or sending a text." Read More

From Peter Nilsson's The Educator's Notebook

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