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February 2018
Ben Johnson (Bow, NH) catching some air on the front lawn at Bridgton Academy
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March 2018
7 Archives Conference, Fryeburg Academy, ME

April 2018
2 College Counselors unConference, New Hampton School, NH
4-5  Spring Heads Conference
Cliff House, ME
10 Supporting Queer Students, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH
11 HR Roundtable, Brewster Academy
25 Technology Directors Workshop, Tilton School, NH

May 2018
Woodstock Inn, VT
February 2018
Hello ISANNE Friends,

This month we are  conscious of student leadership, hearing  their  voice in different ways and arenas. A range of emotions has followed the terrible  news of the most recent school shooting in Florida. This tipping point event has brought the student voice to the forefront with a sober maturity as they speak about responsibility and seeing a way forward. They challenge us, those in authority, to lead; to rise above the stalemate, change our approach, work together and help solve this problem. Student leaders want to be part of the solution and they see the ways they can impact a healthy student culture.  

Our school accreditation process holds us accountable to our missions and helps us evaluate areas of strength and need for improvement. Last fall for the first time, NEASC added a student to a visiting committee team. The decision was made after thoughtful consideration and with the full support of the team and the school seeking accreditation. The circumstances provided the perfect situation to try it. The student met with NEASC's independent school commission and shared her thoughts on the experience. She impressed us with her contribution to the team and her understanding of the responsibility. The commission will now consider new ways to appropriately and effectively include students in the accreditation process to better serve kids. 

Below, we've highlighted an article from Peter Nilsson's Educator's Notebook by Kathleen Davis, "The Parkland Teens Are Part Of A Long Line Of Kids Who Led Social Change" Davis quotes Steven Levingston  wrote for the Washington Post "History shows that kids, with their innocence, honesty and moral urgency, can shame adults into discovering their conscience." Also, check out new information on our ISANNE Retreat explained below and other events coming up.

A common thread among ISANNE schools is a community environment where adults and students engage in meaningful ways throughout the day. Let us continue to learn from each other especially in these challenging times.

Good things ahead, 
Laurie Hurd
Executive Director
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE  unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE TeamRetreat - "Building the School Leadership Team of the Future"
ISANNE 2018 TeamRetreat is with Erin Cohn from Leadership & Design - the theme is  "Building the School Leadership Team of the Future" 
  • The ISANNE TeamRetreat is for 5 school heads and their leadership teams
  • June 20-22, 2018 (Wednesday - Friday) on Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfboro, NH, Brewster Academy
  • Registration fee: $550 per person (includes meals and program fees - campus lodging $50 per person) 
Leadership & Design conducts dynamic conferences for school leaders and teams. Erin Cohn is effective, engaging and responsive to the needs of the group. She provides a challenging experience and has strong reviews from Heads of School and administrators who have attended her presentations. Erin is also an ISANNELEADS alum. Read her profile here.

This year's TeamRetreat explores how schools might develop their administrative leadership team to reflect the skills, habits, and mindsets we are increasingly seeking to engender in our students. While navigating unprecedented technological, economic, and social change, schools need to endow students with skills such as collaboration, empathy, complex problem-definition and -solving, and creativity. To build these skills in our students, we need to hone and practice them as school leaders. The ISANNE TeamRetreat gives teams time to diagnose their work together as a team, practice strategies for evolving their own dynamic, and engage in some planning for the coming year within a creative and interactive framework. P articipants will:
  • Experience and discuss the changing world of work, school, and citizenship and consider the skills we need to practice as an administrative team in order to adapt to those changes;
  • Work both with their "Home Team" and their Affinity Groups to practice key skills such as diagnosing and defining problems; collaboration; establishing empathy/psychological safety within groups; and giving and receiving feedback productively;
  • Begin to design an action plan for concrete measures to transform their work as a leadership team in the coming academic year.
This program will run June 20-22, 2018. Space is limited to only 5 school teams. Please contact Laurie (lhurd@isanne.org) if you are interested.
from The Educator's Notebook

They may not be old enough to vote, but the high school students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school are impacting the political conversation about gun control in the U.S. in a way few adults have the bravery to do. The teens who witnessed 17 of their classmates murdered are pressuring senators, the NRA, and the president, and forcing a national conversation about gun violence. And they are just getting started.

As they plan and lead a classroom walkouts and a national march, they are following in the footsteps of kids throughout history who have spoken out against injustice, engaged in civil disobedience, and at times even risked their lives to change the country.  Read More

From Peter Nilsson's  The Educator's Notebook

School Events 
Upcoming ISANNE School Events open to ISANNE members:

New England Youth Identity Summit - Waynflete School
April 6-7, 2018 - For more information email:  neyis@waynflete.org

School Safety Conference - Woodstock Academy
July 18-20, 2018 - Visit the Woodstock Academy website for more information

Welcome to Our New Corporate Partners
We are happy to announce we have two new Corporate Partners! 

Check Writers
"Why do so many independent schools choose CheckWriters? Our Payroll, HR, and Benefits platform is easy to use for you and your staff, saves hours of time, and is backed by friendly service that makes the Business Office happy."

Hensel Phelps
"One of the greatest expenditures of an independent school are the annual costs associated with the proper maintenance and operation of its capital assets. The Hensel Phelps team possesses over 80 years of independent school experience maximizing the performance of all facilities related operations (buildings, grounds, custodial, special projects) enhancing the quality of
life for students, faculty and staff while often reducing operating budgets through applied best practices. Options for consideration include benchmark analysis (no cost or obligation) consulting services & training to full service on-site management. References available with prior consent."

Our Corporate Partners represent a range of services used by our schools, if you are going out to bid or need help in a specific area, please check our website. For the full list and for more information on how to contact our partners  visit our website .

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