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January 2018
We were delighted to be entertained by Thornton Academy's (Saco, ME) Performance and Auditioned Jazz Ensembles at our Business Officers Conference in Portland last week. 
They are a talented group and as one participant commented, " Loved it! Bringing the kids into the conference is very refreshing and reminds us all why we do what we do."
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January 2018

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MAIS Law Seminar, Portland, ME

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January 2018
Hello ISANNE Friends,

The New Year brings resolutions and new perspectives. The hard part is staying the course throughout the year, especially through tough times. The article, "Want to be Happy? Think Like an Old Person" by John Leland in the NY Times 12/29/2017 is based on his new book  Happiness is a choice you make: Lessons from a year among the oldest old. Leland follows several seniors, 85 years and older, over time and mines their wisdom. Seniors with a cynical outlook and complaining about ailments might be the stereo-typical exception. Leland's seniors all present a positive perspective and resilience to overcome the negative sides of aging. One of Leland's seniors Fred Jones said, "Life is like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel," as he climbed the stairs to his apartment, a cluttered walk-up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. "The span is too long just to have a bridge, so they had to have a bridge and an underpass. So part of it you're up here, and part of it you're down here, and finally you get to the Eastern Shore. Good days, bad days. But over all it's good days." 

I've witnessed many seniors, including my parents and in-laws, confront major challenges: cancer, a heart attack, strokes, surgeries, financial hardships, and the loss of family members before their time. Such a collection of potential misery! Yet, they are able to accept these realities, address them and look ahead with positive resolve. 

Over the holidays our extended family does an annual check-in, a family meeting when we each share the challenges and highlights from our lives over the past year. This tradition began over 30 years ago with our nuclear family and has grown to include over 25 people with spouses, significant others, children and grandchildren. The check-in has become one way we connect across the generations and learn from each other as we strive to stay focused on the long game, or the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, according to Fred Jones.

This month's blog also offers some wisdom from the long view. Jay Stroud, Executive Director of NEASC Commission on Independent Schools, reflects on a few valuable lessons learned during his tenure as a head of school.

Good things ahead, 
Laurie Hurd
Executive Director
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE  unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views

Jay Stroud is Director of the Commission on Independent Schools at NEASC
This month's Member View comes to us from Jay Stroud, Director of the Commission on Independent Schools, NEASC

"A Headmaster's Field Guide"

For twenty-four years, I practiced the Headmaster's profession. Like navigation, basketball, fly-fishing, playing the piano and identifying wild species, only practice truly educates. To understand what the music demands - and your potential and limitation to achieve it - you must move your own fingers on the keys.
After I'd been on the job for nearly two decades, a sympathetic parent said, "I guess you've seen it all now." "Well," I replied, "it may not happen everyday but, truth be told, not one week goes by when I don't encounter something - and usually many somethings - I've never seen and never imagined." I often longed for a wider horizon and a better ability to anticipate deeper implications.

New ISANNE School Member
We would like to give a warm welcome to ISANNE's newest school member - The Bay School in Blue Hill, ME.  Led by Head of School Marcia Diamond, the Bay School is  an independent Waldorf school integrating academics and the arts from early childhood through eighth grade. Founded in 1980, thirty teachers, administrators and staff currently serve up to 120 students and their families.

The Bay School mission is to provide an education that engages and nurtures the whole child, inspiring a balanced growth of heart, mind, body and spirit. They are committed to developing in students inner confidence, responsibility, self-motivation, a love of learning, imagination, creativity, and intellectual clarity. The educational ideals and values of the school, rooted in the Waldorf tradition, create a community of children, alumni, parents, faculty, friends, and neighbors imbued with reverence for others and the natural world.

from The Educator's Notebook
"How Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson Run Efficient Meetings"

Trying to run a  business is all consuming. Time gets sucked up by so many different things: staff, suppliers, finance, production -- the list goes on. But, above all, meetings seem to take up so much precious time and yet often seem to achieve very little. 

Everyone has their own idea about what makes a good meeting, so I decided to research how some of the best  CEOs out there go about it. While their approach may vary, there's definitely some common ground we can all learn from to make meetings super productive and keep  teams motivated and focused. Follow these tips and make 2018 the year you actually look forward to meetings. Read More

From Peter Nilsson's  The Educator's Notebook

School Events 
Upcoming ISANNE School Events open to ISANNE members:

New England Youth Identity Summit - Waynflete School
April 6-7, 2018 - For more information email:  neyis@waynflete.org

School Safety Conference - Woodstock Academy
July 18-20, 2018 - Visit the Woodstock Academy website for more information

Thank you to our Business Officers Conference Sponsors
Thank you to the following Corporate Partners who sponsored our 
2018 Business Officers Conference. Your support of our events is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Our New Corporate Partners
We are happy to announce we have one new Corporate Partner! Our Corporate Partners represent a range of services used by our schools, if you are going out to bid or need help in a specific area, please check our website. For the full list and for more information on how to contact our partners visit our website.

Merchants Fleet Management
Merchants provides a variety of custom short-term leasing  programs for just about any fleet vehicle leasing need you can imagine. With  custom mileage options and flexible terms starting at as little as two months  and up to a year, they'll work with you to understand your vehicle  requirements and develop a program that best suits your specific needs.

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