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May 2018
The Thornton Academy (Saco, ME) Seniors in front of Thornton Hall 
celebrate receiving the news they will graduate summa cum laude! 
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June 2018
5 Maine Development Directors, RiRa, Portland, ME
7 Student Life Leaders unConference, New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH
18 New England Leads Orientation, Tilton School, Tilton, NH
20 ISANNE Golf Scramble, Sunday River Golf Club, Newry, ME
21 Nurses/Health Center Roundtable, Berwick Academy, Berwick, ME

July 2018

May 2018
Hello ISANNE Friends,

Check out David Brooks' column " The American Renaissance is Already Happening." Brooks draws on the work of James and Deborah Fallows's book "Our Towns" and connects the Renaissance to the re-emergence of the modern Whig party mind-set. 
For non-historians, Dictionary.com defines the Whig party as  An American political party formed in the 1830s to oppose President Andrew Jackson and the Democrats. Whigs stood for protective tariffs, national banking, and federal aid for internal improvements. Senators Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were prominent Whigs, as were four presidents (William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Millard Fillmore). The party fell into disunity in the 1850s over slavery; some former Whigs, including Abraham Lincoln, then joined the new Republican Party.
I have seen this Renaissance in Bath, ME, my hometown and the home of the ISANNE office. In 1966, Bath was economically depressed and stores had moved out to the shopping centers. Today, Bath is an active town with many interesting shops and eateries. People are actually moving back into town to be near the attractive waterfront. As a kid, I never imagined I would return one day and enjoy living here. As Brooks writes, the Fallows spent 5 years travelling to numerous US towns to understand the people, their challenges and successes and "found that as the national political climate has deteriorated, small cities have revived. As the national scene has polarized, people in local communities are working effectively to get things done." 
Brooks believes these small town success stories can join together to create a national voice. He notes that the revitalization of these small cities and towns share five common ingredients:
1. Building projects that revived the downtown core
2. Entrepreneurial and civic minded business leaders
3. Strong vocational schools and community colleges
4. Broad social capital and entrepreneurial civic institutions
5. Clear narrative and stories about the town's past, present and future 

I'm struck by the similarity of schools and small towns and that several of these traits are required for creating vibrant school communities. Entrepreneurial and civic leadership, social capital and strong and clear mission will help define our future as we face the challenges ahead.
We congratulate our schools and graduates as you celebrate the year with festive ceremonies marking your many accomplishments.

Take a look at our member blog entry, "Oh, no...One more deadline...One more commitment..." from Rebecca Clapp, Head of the Riley School in Rockport, ME.  Look for our next Newsletter in a combined summer issue.

Good things ahead, 


Laurie Hurd
Executive Director,  ISANNE
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views - "Thought Partners and ISANNE Camaraderie"
Rebecca Clapp, Head of School, Riley School
This month's Member View comes to us from Becky Clapp, Head at the Riley School in Rockport, Maine.

Oh no... one more deadline... one more commitment...

Running a small school means that my week may be filled with sudden emergency transportation for a field trip, or a quiet moment of writing interrupted by a child at my office door, or a call from MEMIC or a Board member, and then a trip to the bank for a line of credit draw followed by grabbing something at the market for lunch on the run...and that's when an AHA! happens. This deadline was looming and, AHA! occurred in aisle 4 where I ran into a colleague who works in financial planning and we launched a discussion about the implications to non-profits of the new tax law. Read More

ISANNE Golf Scramble to Benefit Professional Development

For well over 20 years ISANNE and MAIS have been offering this annual golf scramble. This year the event will be held on June 20 at The Sunday River Golf Club in Newry, Maine. Schools are encouraged to bring as many players (teams) as they would like. Golf prowess is not a factor for participation. This event is a fun day for all participating and is a very popular day for many schools.

ISANNE is excited to announce that for the seventh year all income from the annual Golf Scramble will be dedicated to supporting the ISANNE Hardship Fund. This fund supports schools facing an unusual hardship situation and needing assistance in supporting the professional development of its employees at ISANNE events.  Events like this allow us to drive forward our strategic initiative of enhanced availability of professional development opportunities to all schools.

School Events 
Upcoming ISANNE School Events open to ISANNE members:

School Safety Conference - Woodstock Academy
July 18-20, 2018 - Visit the Woodstock Academy website for more information

ALICE Active Shooter Certification Training - Waynflete School
July 10-11, 2018 - Click here for more information and to register

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