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April 2019
Families engaged in challenges on the ropes course during Hyde School's Family Weekend on their campus in Bath, Maine.
ISANNE Quick Links
April 2019

23-24 Spring Heads Conference, Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT

May 2019

5-7 Advancement, Communications, Marketing & Admissions Conference, Omni    Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH

June 2019

13 Nurses Roundtable, Location TBD
18-19 ISANNE Retreat, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Newry, ME
20 Residential Life Roundtable, Location TBD
21 Executive Assistants & Registrars Conference, Location TBD
26 ISANNE Golf Scramble, Sunday River Golf Club, Newry, ME
April 19, 2019
Hello ISANNE friends,

April has been busy for ISANNE with events for Academic Leaders, Student Life, IT and Heads. Also, many of our members are serving on NEASC accreditation teams with several meeting in April and May throughout New England. The experience is a tremendous professional development opportunity.  I have served on several teams and I was fortunate to join a team this week. We were fourteen people from various schools and regions with little knowledge of each other. We arrived on Sunday afternoon having read the school's self study and we organized our group for the challenge ahead of us. We were charged with helping the school examine how they are meeting their mission and suggesting ways they can improve relative to 15 standards. By Wednesday noon, through observations and conversations with school members, we produced a draft report with commendations and recommendations. During our time together, we challenged our findings in different ways and arrived at conclusions meant to serve the school in their effort to continuously improve.  The process is positively intense and enlightening and I encourage our members to join a team. 
This month's guest blogger is Melissa Lawlor, Director of Equity and Inclusion at Brewster Academy. We are excited to have Melissa speak with our Head's at their conference next week with colleague Jini Rae Sparkman, Director of Office for Equity and Inclusion at Holderness. They will talk about NISE, Network for Independent School Equity.  NISE, sponsored by Brewster Academy and Holderness School, is a new organization working to create a network of support, mentorship, and opportunities for professional development for faculty of color, international faculty, and LGBTQ+ faculty in ISANNE. We will announce upcoming NISE activities in our Newsletter and through the listserves. 
As we engage in this busy and exciting term, sometimes we wonder how everything will come together. When we bring our best every day and connect with others, the magic happens. 

Enjoy this time,


Laurie Hurd
Executive Director,  ISANNE
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views -  "The Power of Affinity"
Melissa Lawlor, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Brewster Academy
This month's Member View comes to us from Melissa Lawlor, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, NH.

"The Power of Affinity"

When I come back from the People of Color Conference every year, I always tend to look raggedy and exhausted the next few days. I spend weeks processing everything that happened in that short conference time frame. This stems from a long and complicated history with my identity, and much of that is wrapped up in this conference, which I first attended as a young, bright-eyed first year teacher at the age of 22.

At 22, I was fresh out of Amherst College, a predominantly white institution that gave me an amazing educational and athletic experience. I had spent most of those years trying to stay firmly in my comfort zone. This meant sticking close to my teammates instead of branching out to meet new people, and more importantly, it meant trying to blend in and keep my head down as much as possible. Looking back, I don't know why I spent so much of my young adult life trying to avoid who I was. In high school, I deliberately avoided the teacher who ran the multicultural awareness club, lest I be regarded as anything other than the norm (aka white). During freshman orientation at Amherst, I did the same thing - ducking the kids from the Asian Students Association - because I didn't want to be associated with them. And believe it or not, this all stems from one significant moment that left me gasping for air like I had been punched in the gut. Read More.

Student Life - Campus and Student Health Survey
ISANNE has partnered with consultant Brooklyn Raney and Professor Kathleen Norris at Plymouth State University to offer our schools a unique opportunity to evaluate your student body in a way that will provide you with meaningful data about the health of your students and your campus. In addition, Professor Norris's PhD students will analyze the data, and create a methodology and toolkit for us to build on the data gathered this spring. Each school will receive their student survey answers, as well as a comparative analysis with the average of the other data received from participating schools.  

The students who will be analyzing the data are Certified in Human Subjects Protection. The data will not be used for any other research and will remain private. The aggregated results will only be shared with participating schools.

Fore more information or to have your campus participate in the survey - please contact Tedda (

Washburn & McGoldrick, LLC Summer Intensives
2019 Summer Intensives: Creating Major Gift Success
Led by Karen George, Principal & Mike Cooper, Senior Consultant

This 1.5 day workshop for Independent School Gift Officers will include:
  • Portfolio analysis and management
  • Understanding wealth and philanthropy
  • Getting appointments and conducting discovery/qualification meetings
  • Developing effective engagement and solicitation strategies
  • Preparing volunteers and leaders to participate
  • Learning asking and closing skills
  • Managing your time for success

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