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February 2019
Stowe, Vermont Snowbarding
Cole Smith (Oakland, ME) a student at Bridgton Academy spends a February weekend snowboarding with classmates.
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February 2019
28 School Visit Series: Concussion Management - Hebron Academy, Hebron, ME

April 2019
4 Academic Leaders Conference, Church Landing, Meredith, NH

5  IT Directors Workshop, Tilton School, Tilton, NH

16  College Counselors unConference, New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH

11-12 Student Life Conference, Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT

23-24 Spring Heads Conference, Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT

May 2019
5-7 Advancement, Communications, Marketing & Admissions Conference, Omni    Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH
February 27, 2019
Hello ISANNE friends,

When was the last time you visited another school to get new ideas? ISANNE schools are passionate about their programs and they enjoy sharing what they are doing with others. Our members look forward to meeting up with colleagues at our events but why wait to schedule a networking and professional development opportunity? Gaining a new perspective and pushing the refresh button on your thinking is as simple as driving to a nearby school, sitting in on a few classes, touring the campus and talking with a peer who handles similar responsibilities and challenges.  

So, in the words of Darius Rucker,  "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" Visiting another school might not answer this question exactly but depending on your mindset and purpose, it could be the first time you see something in a new light. Go ahead. Make the call to that school or person you have been meaning to contact. When July rolls around you'll be glad you did. You can praise your initiative and the information gained and check it off your list. A couple schools have made it easy for some of you by stepping up and hosting this Spring's School Visit Series. Hebron Academy is presenting "Concussion Management: Recovering the Whole Student" and St. Paul's School is covering " Inclusion Beyond Just Admission: Helping Non-Traditional Boarding School Families Transition to Boarding School Expectations and Culture." In these times, we are all looking for those rare opportunities when we can make small investments for significant gains. Either scheduling a visit on your own or joining the group at the School Visit Series, these are smart investments in your professional development and I bet your school would support your effort. 

On another front, check out this month's guest member blog by Pam Clarke, interim head of Kimball Union Academy. Pam writes about the unique role of the interim which have become more common among NAIS schools in the last few years. This year, there are 7 interim heads at ISANNE schools giving schools valuable time to conduct the search for the permanent head of school. 

Let me know if you visit a school. We'd like to hear about it.

More good things ahead! 


Laurie Hurd
Executive Director,  ISANNE
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views -  "On Being an Interim"
Pam Clarke, Interim Head of School at Kimball Union Academy
This month's Member View comes to us from Pam Clarke, Interim Head of School at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, New Hampshire.

On Being an Interim

Coming to KUA as an Interim Head has been one of the major highpoints in my career. I'm delighted to be a newbie in ISANNE and appreciate the good wishes from my new colleagues; I certainly learned a lot at the fall conference.

I have been the long-term Head at four schools for a total of 28 years, so this is year 29 as Head of something. Being an Interim is different than being a "real" head; I feel more like a grand consultant, albeit with some authority. I am, of course, the oldest person on campus; this is not an unmitigated advantage because some people may think I'm too old to be current. Most, however, are interested to know how other schools do something or how they did it "in the olden days." Students often offer to carry my backpack, and they all open doors and offer me a hand on the icy paths of this NH hillside. I'm learning to accept this help and give up the façade of "I'm not old enough to be helped."   Read More

from the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)
Strategic Change Accelerator
Personalized, Project Based, Impact Oriented

This is a one-year cohort based program for school teams to have dedicated time to design and implement a Head-sanctioned change project within their schools. The CSCA provides the guidance and support for school teams to implement change. It is a one-year cohort-based experience that provides participants with face-to-face and virtual engagement, designed to accelerate school strategic implementation process. It is a design-thinking based program organized by three facilitators with deep experience in the "HOW" of school change. It will include a 2 ½ day on-site intensive foundation-building and launch event followed by four virtual meetings to deepen the learning, support the process, and expose teams to exemplar schools and experts. For more information on joining a cohort, click here. 

Welcome to our New Corporate Partners
We are happy to announce we have two new Corporate Partners! Our Corporate Partners
represent a range of services used by our schools. If you are going out to bid or need help in a
specific area, please check  our website. For the full list and for more information on how to contact
our partners  visit our website.

MRM (Medical Risk Managers) - MRM is the largest Stop Loss Consulting/Underwriting firm in the US. Since 1984, MRM is one of the pioneers of success nationally in Stop Loss. 

MRM is tusted by the largest health carriers (9 of the top 12) to advise them. Achieving both  top and bottom-line Stop Loss results. We  are thrilled to be a Corporate Partner with ISANNE to quote on your existing Stop Loss program. We are providing 10% discounts to reflect the efficiencies savings with ISANNE. Claim reimbursements on Stop Loss will include at no cost both Advanced Funding and No New Laser at renewal. Rate caps, full spectrum of deductible options, contract basis...

Pinnacle Pension ConsultantsPinnacle  Pension Consultants, LLC is a boutique consulting firm, specializing  in retirement plan and investment consulting services.

Pinnacle has a singular focus, institutional retirement plan consulting and a unique approach, working with our clients and their employees from design through implementation. This means we have a meaningful impact, enhancing our client's plans and improving the retirement plan outcomes of their employees. We serve as a fiduciary and help mitigate liability for plan
sponsors and plan fiduciaries.

from The Educator's Notebook
"Hope helps students, speaker tells educators
by Mitchell Willetts

" "Hope scores are significant predictors of average daily attainment and GPA," Hellman said. "Hope is a better predictor of first-year college performance than the SAT, ACT or high school GPA."  Hellman said hope requires three things: goals, realistic paths to attain those goals and the willpower to proceed down those paths." Read More.

From Peter Nilsson's The Educator's Notebook

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