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March 2019
Boarding students at Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine enjoying weekend activities.
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April 2019
4 Academic Leaders Conference, Church Landing, Meredith, NH

5  IT Directors Workshop, Tilton School, Tilton, NH

11-12 Student Life Conference, Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT

16 College Counselors unConference, New Hampton School, New Hampton, NH

23-24 Spring Heads Conference, Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT

May 2019
5-7 Advancement, Communications, Marketing & Admissions Conference, Omni    Mt. Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH

June 2019
26 ISANNE Golf Scramble, Sunday River Golf Club, Newry, ME
March 29, 2019
Hello ISANNE friends,

Speakers at the recent NAIS and NBOA conferences showed us how our  creative side, our well of positive energy, drives innovation and  change. Viola Davis, a last minute sub for Anderson Cooper, inspired  us with her life story; growing up poor in Rhode Island, going to  Julliard and eventually earning accolades in the acting field. She  confessed that her many awards did not bring the self confidence she  expected. She noted how these destructive inner patterns compromise  our potential. Instead, she committed to doing  "inner work" to  release deeply planted patterns of self doubt and shame to claim an  authentic belief in herself. We heard from Shiza Shahid and her  meeting Malala, co-founding the Malala Fund and their efforts to  empower and increase educational opportunities for girls around the  world. Simon Sinek spoke about finite vs infinite mindsets of
organizations and how educational institutions are particularly
susceptible to fostering finite mindsets that stifle innovation and
self discovery. By emphasizing achievements, we narrow the pursuit to  a singular purpose i.e. "I have to do this to get into a good college  or get a great job." Becoming an infinite minded school is a process  with a "just cause" not a goal.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and Retired American Astronaut  Mark Kelly shared the stage and demonstrated their courage and  optimism in overcoming devastating obstacles while driving toward a  better future. Graffiti Artist and author Erik Wahl's in-real-time  painting and music video brought dramatic creativity to life on the  stage. A former corporate guy turned artist, Wahl personifies his  belief that "creativity without discipline is like a river without  banks." Kevin Carroll, author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball  emphasized the importance of play in our work. At 6 years old, Kevin  decided a ball would always be part of his life. Organizations that  innovate know how to play and he showed how people can tap into this  transforming energy.

So, how do you stay connected to your creative energy? Is your
creative side integrated into your work, your life, your school? If
so, is it expressed? Our schools strive to be innovative. Finding ways  to connect with our creative energy transcends obstacles and builds  and sustains healthy community cultures.

Wishing everyone a creative spring,


Laurie Hurd
Executive Director,  ISANNE
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views -  "On Being an Interim"
Jennifer Berry, Director of College Counseling, New Hampton School
This month's Member View comes to us from Jennifer Berry, Director of College Counseling, New Hampton, New Hampshire.

"Silos vs. Teams"

As I approach the sunset of my 32 years as an independent school educator at New Hampton School, reminiscing is at a premium. While some friends consider my work environment and experience odd-¬≠in my specific case, living on a boarding school campus, raising my family in a communal environment, and working where my day extends beyond the academic hours-I cannot imagine another life course. The relationships and teamwork requisite for independent boarding school professionals have allowed me space to collaborate, to innovate, and to be nimble. While some of my peers have spent their careers focusing in one area of school life, I have been able to serve in a variety of roles, each with its own set of circumstances and expectations. Relationships and teamwork have fueled my willingness to take on each new challenge. Whether it be my college counseling team, my fellow administrators, the English department, former colleagues, or my ISANNE counterparts, I have been surrounded by individuals who are vastly talented, able to lift me with wisdom, and provide critical loyalty to propel my work forward. I knew my network of support would be integral to my success in each position I held. In sum, I have had many teams and teammates to support my work.  Read More

New England Youth Identity Summit - Waynflete School
Join students and educators from schools across New England for a conference designed to spark meaningful conversations about identity, diversity, and community.

Email with any questions. 

from The Educator's Notebook
"The Stormtrooper Problem: Why Thought Diversity Makes Us Better" 

" Diversity of thought makes us stronger, not weaker. Without diversity we die off as a species. We can no longer adapt to changes in the environment. We need each other to survive.

Diversity is how we survive as a species. This is a quantifiable fact easily observed in the biological world. From niches to natural selection, diversity is the common theme of success for both the individual and the group. " Read More

From Peter Nilsson's The Educator's Notebook

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