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October 2017
Fall Arrives at Proctor Academy
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November 2017 
2-3   Advancement and Communications Conference , Church Landing, Meredith, NH

7-8 Board of Directors, Church Landing, Meredith, NH

8-9   Fall Heads Conference, Church Landing, Meredith, NH

December 2017
4-5 Academic and Student Life Leaders Conference, Church Landing, Meredith, NH

January 2018
9-10 Business Officers Conference, Portland, ME

March 2018
1 MAIS Law Seminar, Senator Inn, Augusta, ME

7 Archives Conference, Fryeburg Academy

April 2018
Cliff House, ME

May 2018
Woodstock Inn, VT

October 2017 
Hello ISANNE friends,

While I was in New Orleans last month with the Independent School Association Network and Enrollment Management Association, I had time to engage with colleagues and reflect on the current environment in which we all operate. Most of our schools are challenged today to address their sustainability as enrollment issues, increasing requests for financial aid and increasing competition suggest an uncertain future and potential need for radical innovation. NEASC counts 28,000 students in ME, NH and VT, 9% of which are international students. Of the 6,000 boarding students, 37% are international students. Some of our schools are already reporting fewer international students as competition grows and countries like Canada become more attractive with lower tuitions and a friendlier political climate and entrance requirements.

Between meetings in NOLA, I took a ride with pedicabber and Hyde School alum, Sarah. Beginning her masters in counseling at UNOLA, Sarah's many years of pedicabbing will provide priceless field study experience. She knows her city. She shared historic information weaving in present-day issues and introduced us to shopkeepers and interesting places. We visited a site at the edge of the Mississippi where a monument to The Immigrant stands with the inscription "dedicated to the courageous men and women who left their homeland seeking freedom, opportunity and a better life in a new country."  With converging travel bans, the strain on international students studying here and the challenging political tone of the country, it seemed a timely reminder of our shared heritage as a "melting pot."

These times are requiring schools to clearly define their market position and competitive advantage. Schools are trimming their budgets and redefining essential and non-essential personnel. In our schools and personal lives, events offer up their own call for disruptive innovation. That call sometimes offers no alternative but to break us from what we know and consider ideas that were at one time unimaginable. Ed Cooper, Head of Wolfboro Camp School, in this month's member view, explores where they begin the learning process by disrupting routine and disconnecting students from their iphones.

We look forward to engaging with you at conferences throughout the year as we explore issues of importance and discover innovative ways to move forward for ourselves and our communities.
Laurie Hurd
Executive Director
Together in Our Independence

ISANNE  unites, supports and promotes its diverse member schools in a changing world.
ISANNE Member Views

   Ed Cooper is Head of School at Wolfeboro Camp School
This month's Member View comes to us from Ed Cooper, Head of School at Wolfeboro Camp School

"When Progress Matters: A Hi-Res Perspective on Cellphone Policy

Like dress code, faculty meeting discussion about cell phone policy is at best a tired, if not avoided, topic. Old news. At the same time, the science of what we really know about cognitive function and screen time is in its infancy.  I remain an optimist on most generational topics including the impact of cell phones - once again the kids will probably be ok!

However, research continues to confirm that substantial screen time can sabotage academic, emotional and cognitive maturation in young people.  Read more    
from The Educator's Notebook

"Eight years after dropping out of college to wander Asia, Kevin Kelly returned home to America, bought an inexpensive bike, and made a meandering 5,000 mile journey across the country. As he recalls in his original and insightful 2010 book,  What Technology Wants, the "highlight" of the bike tour was "gliding through the tidy farmland of the Amish in eastern Pennsylvania."

Kelly ended up returning to the Amish on multiple occasions during the years that followed his first encounter, allowing him to develop a nuanced understanding of how these communities approach technology -- the common idea that the Amish reject all modern technology is a myth. The reality is not only more interesting, but it also has important implications for our current culture. Read more
From Peter Nilsson's Educator's Notebook Blog:

School and Corporate Partner Events 
Upcoming ISANNE School and Corporate Partner Events open to ISANNE members:

October 6 - Experiential Learning Teacher Institute at Sant Bani -

October 19, 10-10:30am - Medicare Webinar - Hosted by Borislow Insurance - No Fee - Register Here

Title IX Alert for Independent Schools: Change is on the Horizon
By: Kai McGintee, Shareholder at Bernstein Shur

In September, Secretary of the Department of Education Betsy DeVos announced a plan to change the prior administration's Title IX guidance on campus sexual assault. Although many independent secondary schools do not receive federal funds and are therefore not subject to Title IX, the Obama-era Title IX guidance has been considered best practice for all schools responding to reports of sexual misconduct. However, the new administration plans to modify this guidance in the coming months, and has placed a particular emphasis on a fair process for accused students. Given this, it is important that all independent schools pay close attention to the unfolding changes to Title IX occurring on the federal level.

For more information, contact Kai McGintee 
Welcome New Corporate Partners!
Welcome to ISANNE's new Corporate Partners!   Resource Group 175, based in Dedham, MA  helps schools with searches and governance issues. Securadyne Systems based in Westbrook, ME, work with schools on security systems and solutions. 

Thank you to all ISANNE Corporate Partners. Corporate Partners are  a fundamental part of our work. Through Corporate Partner membership and sponsorships, ISANNE is able to offer conferences that allow as many ISANNE staff to attend as possible. 
Staff Transition at ISANNE
In mid-September, Tedda LaChance returned to ISANNE to manage the professional development calendar of events. Tedda was with ISANNE before she took a hiatus to stay home with her then 6 month-old daughter. Deb Cook, who has served in that role since February, transitioned out of ISANNE at the end of September. Deb has done a terrific job and made significant progress in planning this year's events. We wish her well. Tedda can now be reached at  tlachance@isanne.org .

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