Salma Stoman is a pharmacist living in Peachtree City, Georgia. She earned her Pharm.D. from Mercer University College of Pharmacy. She is a former teacher who believes strongly in the power of knowledge, and spends the occasional weekend volunteering at a clinic for refugees and the uninsured. 

1) What is favorite part of the ISB?
 My favorite part about the ISB is the openness and inclusiveness of our message and actions.

2) How do you spend weekends?
I spend my weekends with family, reading, and the occasional trip. I'm very close to my parents and siblings as we all share silly senses of humor. 

3) Where would you like to travel?
I would love to visit London as it's such an international and historical city, and hope to one day revisit Morocco and China. 

4) Little known fact about you?
I love experimenting with making all types of desserts.