August - September 2017
Fairyal was amazing! She was personable, warm, funny and communicated beautifully. The women all loved her and found her very relatable. Couldn't recommend her highly enough. She was bright and interesting. " -

 Host from  St. David's Episcopal Church Women's Group

In August the ISB presented:

American Muslims: Beliefs and Practices

Coffee With a Muslim

The ISB presents to the following:

Libyan Delegation

UGA Center for Continuing Education

Saint Mark United Methodist Church

One World Spiritual Center

Masjid Omar

The ISB thanks our presenters:

Amanda Shaikh
Bassem Fakhoury
Farah Khan
Faraz Iqbal
Hina Mahmood
Hounada Sinno
Jelena Naim
Noor Abbady
Saif Siddique
Sara Fatima
Shaheen Bharde
Soumaya Khalifa

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As someone with very strong ties to Texas,  my heart goes out to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Last weekend, The ISB participated in a volunteer project with the Midwest Food Bank to help these victims. We invite you to donate to the Midwest Food Bank to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

As a reminder, please save the date for the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta 2017 Change Makers Awards Gala on 
November 4, 2017  at the beautiful Cobb Galleria at  6:30 pm  as we recognize and celebrate the contributions of leaders in the metro Atlanta area.   These  leaders are making Atlanta what it is today.  This will be an opportunity to network, celebrate accomplishments,  and unite as one community .  The awardees will be announced soon.   This is an event you do not want to miss!  Ticket sales are available here.


Soumaya Khalifa
ISB Executive Director
Interfaith Premier The Sultan and the Saint  a Success!

On August 27th,   The Sultan and the Saint Interfaith Premiere took place at the Rialto Center of the Arts. The film is an inspiring film about Muslim-Christian collaboration.  The Sultan and the Saint screening was a free community-building event  sponsored  by the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, and Georgia State University's Department of Political Science and Department of Religious Studies. 

Please click  here to watch the trailer and to find ways to support the film. The premier was well-attended and attendees left feeling empowered to build bridges of understanding.
ISB Volunteers at the Midwest Food Bank
On September 2nd, the ISB volunteered at the Midwest  Food Bank to help those who lost everything in the Houston area.  The ISB  helped the Midwest Food Bank process a truckload of canned goods received this week.  The canned goods were added to emergency food boxes that will go to families in Texas.   

Additionally, members from the ISB and Islamic Community Center of Atlanta (ICCA) met at the ICCA  on September 3rd to prepare over 200 hygiene packages to be donated to Houston's victims. The Midwest Food Bank will be collecting them to be delivered the following week. 

Monetary donations are much needed to offset the cost of additional food items that must be purchased for the food boxes as well as the transportation costs incurred moving the loads into Texas. Please consider a donation today to help the Midwest Food Bank as we strive to help those in desperate need. Click here to donate.
ISB Takes on Dragon Boat Challenge!
The  ISB will be entering in the 2017 Atlanta  Dragon   Boat  Race on  September 9th . While this event will be mostly about the actual racing, the ISB will also use this opportunity to build bridges of understanding with the community. 

Team members will participate in the boat race which is quite intensive,  even though it lasts only 2 minutes. The ISB team is excited to take on the challenge!

ISB Meets with Libyan Delegation

ISB Speaker Noor Abbady met  with a Libyan delegation visiting the United States to educate them about the ISB and its efforts to build bridges of understanding and spread awareness.  The meeting was coordinated through the Georgia Council of International Visitors.    The group consisted of  individuals, all of whom were either founders and managers of civil and human rights organizations, or occupy senior governmental positions.  

Abbady spoke  about the history of the ISB, the services the ISB provides, along with the successful initiatives that the ISB has launched; the GA 100 Influential and 40 Under 40.   The group asked questions about how Muslims are perceived in the US, about their representation in the media, and in the government.  The visitors hoped they could emulate the ISB's experience in their country where they can use educational outreach as a tool to spread peace and understanding. 

ISB Speaks to  Saint Mark United Methodist Church

ISB Speakers Noor Abbady and Sara Fatima presented
American Muslims: Beliefs and Practices  to Saint Mark United Methodist Church. ISB member Saif Siddique observed the presentation. The audience expressed an interest in wanting to get a better understanding of Islam and the ISB ensured they accomplished their goal.

The group was inquisitive and agreed on keeping the dialogue between Muslim and Christians going. Overall, the presentation was a success and both co-presenters enjoyed presenting to the audience.
ISB Facilitates Interfaith Program at Ahavath Achim Synagogue

On August 27th, ISB Speaker Farah Khan  represented the ISB as a discussion facilitator at Ahavath Achim Synagogue in an interfaith program called "A Response to Charlottesville: An Evening of Empowered Conversation." Khan met with Rabbi Neil Sandler and mingled with the welcoming congregation. T he evening ended with a special  havdallah prayer outdoors after sunset marking the end of Shabbat. Khan participated in the service by holding the ritual havdallah candle as prayers were recited. The program was a success!

ISB Family Day at the Braves! 

On August 18th, the ISB hosted 'Family day At the Braves'. The ISB attended the baseball game to support our Atlanta Braves take on the Cincinnati Reds at the new baseball stadium, Suntrust Park. The ISB families enjoyed spending  time together and watching  the game together.  
Coffee With a Muslim!

The ISB's new initiative  Coffee With a Muslim  is off to a running start. ISB  provides coffee and speakers to talk to community members that would like to meet a Muslim, ask questions, or just hang out!  On Saturday, August 12th, Amanda Shaikh, Hina Mahmood, and Shaheen Bharde presented " Coffee  with a  Muslim " at Seven Seas Mediterranean Cafe located in Alpharetta. The speakers answered questions about I slamophobia and more.  The speakers and attendees enjoyed coffee and fruitful conversation . P lease stay tuned with more of these events by liking our Facebook page  here. 

ISB Presents to One World Spiritual Center

On August 27th, Bassem Fakhoury and Hounada Sinno represented the ISB at the One World Spiritual Center. ISB member Shaheen Bharde was in attendance. The speakers presented on the topic,  "Prayer".  Bassem Fakhoury spoke about the universality of prayer, its centrality in a Muslim's daily life, its meaning, and its unchanged performance since the beginning of Islam. Sinno broke down the actual prayer while Fakhoury demonstrated the movements.

Sinno closed with the greeting of peace and stressed that the notion of Islam being a religion of peace stems partly from prayer itself as it is a time when Muslims try to find peace and serenity. This peace and serenity should in turn guide their words and actions with everyone around them.